Wednesday, January 28, 2009

laughter to palestin to eclipse to kafarah

its been a month since ive posted my last post.. fell kinda ackward typing.. huhu.. so, this post is going to be a 4-in-1 post.. hehe..


story one..~
(50 hours of non-stop smiling)

241208-nina's turning 20 today!!

Allah had granted nina another year filled with success, happiness, sadness.. Alhamdulilah.. the post is entitled 50 hours of joy, im really gonna remember my 20th birthday celebration forever..! thank you family and dearie friends..! it was the FIRST TIME in nina's life that she had to celebrate her bday without her family...! it was memorable..!

4 days before my bday, nina, fara, zaf n fara went to kuantan to celebrate nina's bday in advance... we had lunch together, shop, walk, talk... well, basically everything we do, we did it together.... people may think its usual for us to do that but it was the best day for me...! though we lived under one roof but we haven't got much time to spend together.. thanks guys...

on the 23rd nite, was busy studying... the tax lecturer gave me an early present.. tax quiz..! thanks mam..! haih.. working gler2 nk hafal all those acts and sections... angah went to class at 7pm.. fara went to a meeting.. me n nadz was working our butts off ngadap those ITA...! then nadz wanted to go to atika's house (fren of angah-i dunno which one =P).... fara went home... after nadz left, i went to fara's room.. i was soo straved...! was waiting for angah's call to get our dinner ordered.. looking at the clock it showed 10.30pm.. so, ive decided to call her... she sounded soo tensed and panicked when she answerd my call.. her car broke down..! i was so worried.. we're going home tomorrow n we really need the car..! haih... drove so fast wif fara to see angah.. reza's car, azzam gorilla's car were there too.. bet they we're trying to help.. angah asked me to get the mechanic stuff from the boot.. when i opened the boot... GUESS WHAT..??!! it was filled with many many many many balloons n a heart-shaped chocolate cake for nina..! of coz its for me.. it got my name on it..!! haha.. i guess it was supposed to spelled 'ninabelle', instead the cake lady spelled it 'ninabella'...! hahaha.. i loved the cake so much..! thanks guys.. i was shocked..! we were laughing loudly at the side of the road..! hahaha.. had fun..! my bday was complete... X)

then, we went to wanira to have our dinner... ive to bring the cake without the box to the restaurant.. haih.. it was raining that night... haih... thanks to nadzirah..! people were watching me.. (is it normal for people to carry a cake without the box in a rainy day to a restaurant?-i guess not!).. haih.. got the chance to slice the cake.. the cake was too big for the 4 of us to eat.. we gave some to the cook, a big slice to a guy sitting next to our table (that guy has a crush on fara! *wink*).... it was the short-but-best bday celebration in my life..! was soo happy..! thanks guys...!

got soo many presents that night..!! weeee... was soo happy.. i love getting presents..! thanks korang..! after arrived home, its time to open up the presents...! got a set of perfume n lotion from angah.. a novel and a notebook from fara n a lovely purple hijab from nadz..! thanks...! loved them all..! the best part is, my room is filled with balloons...! (though im not such a balloon-lover type of person..!).... its just made my day perfect..!

the best part is, ive received a special call form uk..! i was my dear bro...! cool.. thanks abang..! love u cam orang gilak..!

i slept late that night...! my frens send lots n lots of birthay wishes... made me smile even more....~ sleep with a smile on my face... im thankful ive got great frens around me... thanks korang.. to those who remembered my birthday, inni uhibbu kifillah- i love you because of Allah... to those who didn't, i love you because of Allah.. love my frens whoever n wherever they are... im blessed..!

after the test, i drove home with nadz... when i reached home, the whole family was there to celebrate my birthday with them...! went out for dinner together... had a great time.. all those tired feeling were gone... i love you mom.. i love you dad.. i love you sis.. i love you all...

the next day, mom cooked nasi ayam for nina... mom's nasi ayam sgt2 la sedap...! people can get addicted to her cooking..! heaven~... nina's aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews came from morning till night... wah.. another calebration for nina..! guess what??! nina's wish came true..! haha.. nina prayed that the next day after nina's bday would be nina's bday again..! hahaha... yeap.. Allah granted nina's wish... had another bday celebration on 25th.. heaven.. shared my bday wif frens n family... im the luckiest girl that day..!

despite being happy n laugh non-stop, somehow deep down in nina's heart, there's something missing....... haih... nina's grandparents were not there...... every year, nina would get special bday presents from them.. huhu.. but not this year.... only abg n aiman got the chance to get 2008 bday presents.. its okay.. all the sweet memories are more than a present for nina...
nina found a love letter sent by someone really special in her file... it was from nyai.. my grandmother wrote the letter for my 9th bday... my tears fell automatically as i read the letter... no matter how far she goes, she always remember he grandchildren.... thanks nyai.. for everything... i will surely remember my 20th bday celebration forever...~

loveletter to nina from her grandmama~

-end of story one-

story two..~

(nina is a palestinian)

the whole world was shocked to hear that israel launched the attack to palestin.. curse those israelian people...! my cousins in palestin were killed every second..! no worries dear cousins... you may had suffered in this world but now its time for you to rest in peace with Allah's love.. dear friends, let us boycott israeli laknatullah goods.. for every cent we invest to all those israeli goods, we are helping them to buy another rocket that is going to kill our brothers n sisters in Palestin..! please people.. remember our cousins first before you start spending your money..! don't be so selfish n only think of yourselves.... start thinking about other people...! you may not have the courage like the palestinians to go and kill people, what you can do is boycott israeli goods..!

went to shah alam wif nadz, bha, papa, mama, eman n zana... rapat umum... soo many many people were there.. was thrilled..! people was so semangat..! they came with banners, papers, mafla... anything they can bring along to ekspress their support to the palestinians.. the speakers were superb..! can feel their spirit..! seeing the people around me screaming 'Allahu Akbar' made me feel so anxious to help my brothers n sisters in Palestin..! somehow the aura absorbs into my blood and bones..!! met lots of people there.. nadz's frens especially.. good people.. mek was shy at first, but towards the end she was the one who were soo excited to shout Allahu Akbar..! huhu..

excited faces..~


amina n amanina ~

sister from uia

met them at the exit.. (we duno who they were)

Let us pray for the freedom of Palestin.. freedom of al-quds.. and the disaster of Israel..! Allahu Akbar..!

-end of story two-

story three..~

went to balai cerap al-khawarizmi in tanjung bidara... had a great time.. good place to relax the mind after having a hectic week studying and meetings..! went there to see the partial solar eclipse..! was so excited.. first time to see eclipse closely... went there wif the ppi pals.. got a suprise there.. kak nash was there to join us...!! yay..!

bros n sis from uia, usim, ukm also joined the programme... they were very friendly..! ahaha.. em... the only thing that i didn't expect was i've to listen to soo many la ceramah..! adoi laa..! my eyes can't stand..! i stood up i felt sleepy, when i sat down i became even more sleepy..! haih.. stressful! if the talk was about ilmu falak, then i'll be more than happy to listen... the thing is, i've to listen to stories that have been told again again n again but from different speakers..! haih...

its okay la.. let bygone be bygone.. had a grat time.. place was fantastic.. got the sea-view from my bedroom... food was delicious.. everything was superb.. just went there to relax...

seeing the eclipse made me feel so humble with Allah's creation.. i watched the egg 'stood up straight' during the eclipse... its like magic..! i saw Allah's power in front of my two eyes.. subhanallah... it happened because of the powerful gravity force from the moon, sun n the earth itself.. it was fantastic.!

i watched the sun slowly covered by the moon.. it was magestic.. seeing it happened live through the telescope made me feel really greatful to be one of Allah's creation.. i was chosen to see it happened live.. heaven~

-end of story three-

story four..~

(kafarah for nina)


nina is not feeling well now... nina is currently getting treatment traditional style.. i pray soo hard that Allah would heal every pain nina had faced... facing pain every second on your life on every inch on your body is not easy.. people may pity you and say soothing things like 'i know how you feel' and all.. but i've to get real... they don't know how exactly how i feel... all those pain.. all those tears i've cried.. i just want them to pray for me.. pray for nina to be a strong girl... that would be enough...

i don't need people to pity me.. i feel lucky Allah loves me soo much that he grant me this pain... to think about it, i think the pain i faced is 0.0000000001% of what the Palestinian are facing right now... so, nina, be strong..!

Dear God,

please make all the pain nina felt as kafarah..
please don't hate nina..
love nina....
forgive nina everytime nina whines,
nina is not a good servant...
please make nina strong...
please make nina's skin as beautiful as baby's soft skin when nina meet You..

-end of story four-