Saturday, December 20, 2008

saved by a nutty lover

haha.. stress ngadap psycho, ajak nadz kua.. before naik umah, ajak g mkn kat jentayu kopitiam.. heaven gler jentayu de bkak kat harmoni.. not bad la mknan die.. price pon okay.. overall, sgt2 ske la.. ala2 mini starbucks-secret recipe cafe la.. cool kn? sape sangke muadzam de cafe cool.. even dak bangi pon addicted ngan ice blended jentayu.. heaven..~

aritu nmpk ade org orda ice blended hazelnut.. so, sgt2 la nk rase.. bunyi pon cam tempting kn?
huhu.. excited gle nk g jentayu.. bkoba2.. ble smpi kdai, tgk menu, 'ice blended white coffee with hazelnut + ice cream'.... aiseh... punah harapan...! i dun drink coffee... too bad for me la...

tp abg tu convince gler2 a yg kopi tu rase pahit sket je.. the rest rase hazelnut.. because of my nafsu nk sgt rase tu membuak2, nina pon bli a.. ble sedut skali, mak aii..! tros rase nk pitam!!!! adoi je... tros tamo minum da... call me miss drama but i just can't take coffee..!!!! abg tu siap perli lagi "da stat pening da?" ngokngek jek!!! malu!!!!

looks nice kn? ice cream da tenggelam....... X)

back to the story... abg tu nmpk a nina da stat wat muke ble minum air tu... takan a nk wat muke dpn kdai die kn? pnat die nk blend ais tu... huhuhu... thn je la penin kat pale tu... adoi je.. shekse gler..!

luckily i got one nutty lover fren!!! haha... chipmunk!! thanks dearie nadz.. u rily saved ma life... sebek nadz tlg minum2 dpn abg tu.. ala2 cover a nina x ske minum! hehehe... i love u laling.. nadz bjaye bes an air tu seorang diri!! respek sama lu!! haih..

when it comes to coffee, nina n coffee just can't be put into one sentence la... sgt2 tak ngam... coffee n sefamily dgn nye.. latte ke mocha ke cappuchino ke.. x kesa la pe bentuk skali pon.. kalo da asal dari bijik itam kecik2 yg bau kuat tu gak, mmg la nina x ngam!! huhuhu...

nutty nadz really tried her best to be cool

angah bli an nina air 'ice blended chocolate + ice cream'... thanks angah!! i love you.. saved my life again..!! haha.. heaven gler dpt choc...! nyum2... u can only get this at jentayu...~ kalo rase nk, meh a dtg muadzam... X)

Friday, December 19, 2008

replace much..?!

cramp week...
tak cukup tgn nk handle..
non-stop classes..
sgt2 stress.. not to mention sgt2 pnat..

can't wait to go home..
my brain sgt2 pnat..
hypothalamus kate da xleh handle emotions agi da..

adoi je..
rite now, i think my sympathetic nervous system ngah keje keras..
too much stress.. (-_-')
the body just can't take it anymore..
adoi la..

or maybe nina jus needs more n more neurotransmitter...

dearie nina's limbic system..
please hold on...
please memorise everything she had learned..
please send impulses to the body to stay strong..

tax.. law.. macro.. account.. ais... psycho..
how do i face all these??
oh Allah...
please guide nina..

haih.. mam pnah ckp, 'we are an emotional human being'..
so i guess it's normal to feel stress..

nina really really really needs You rite now..
please make nina strong..

to everyone around me,
push me from behind, will ya?

mind the scientific terms..
thanks to psycho..
nina falls in love with bio again!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

not so brilliant..

bizziness.. as usual..
br pas bes program ibc..
sgt2 la pnat..
mentally n physically exhausted..

now, ade bazaar booth lak..
3 booth nk kn tgk..
sife, ppi n ibc...
takan la nk belah bdn jadik 3..?
ppi kn pki bju kurung ppi, ibc lak kn pki tshirt ibc...
mmg sgt2 arap skang ni ade kembar..

during the ibc programme, i really learned a lot..
i mingled around with lots of people wif different kind of attitude..
observing them made me learned sumthing..

let me make a list of wat nina had learned...


1. acknowledge people even when that person help with the slightest thing..
2. it's good to have back up plans but that doesn't mean that changing everything is the best way..
3. do not exaggerate when talking to people..
4. be humble and honest when communicating with people..
5. try to understand people rather than being selfish..

nina is still learning n will always love to learn....

hate flying solo...~

Sunday, December 7, 2008


this is for someone..

dear you,
i don't know what happened to us or what is happening to us..
i felt the distance..
i felt the ice-cold feeling when i stared your eyes..
i can't feel the warmth when you hug me tight..
i can't see the sweet innocent sincere smile anymore..

maybe the problem was on me .. or is it because of you?

i missed the old days..
i missed feeling comfort when you hug me..
i missed everything..

why won't you talk to me??!
if you really love me, tell me..!
you're keeping everything to yourself..
would that be much of a help?
would it cure the pain we felt?

maybe it's just me..
i'm putting myself in my own self-destructive zone aren't i?
i know i became more quiet..
but do you know what's going on inside me?
i'm in pain..
i bear this pain alone..

i'm changing..
please help me..
don't leave me when i need you the most..
no matter how quiet i become,
you know, i'll always need you..

when you talk to me, it soothes me..
when you hug me, it calms me..
so, don't leave me..
please don't..

maybe i'm not much a talker now,
i failed when talking heart-to-heart talk like this..
maybe it's better like this..
i'll just post it here...

i really hope you'll understand..
maybe i need sometime..
but i do still need you behind my back..
please be there when i fall..
please be there when all i need is just a hug..
please be there when i need you the most..

i'm not sure whether you read this post or not, but i really do hope you read it...
you know who you are and you know i wrote this post to you..
i really do value our friendship..

Saturday, December 6, 2008

latest update

its been a while since i updated the last post..

currently just finished my hols..
new sem, new resolutions i guess..

here goes..

nina's new sem resolutions.....
1. work harder!!
2. always smile even there's a tide coming your way..
3. don't be so vulnerable
4. be a bit friendly..
5. always love the people who are in front of you and try to love the people outside of your circle..
6. enough of playing.. focus time..
7. love yourself before you think about others..


really need to change this sem..

'the walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy'

i read those words in one book and it made me think..
maybe i did built those walls around me..
now, i missed the old nina..

where did i go?
who had ive turned myself into?

for those people around me who sense i'm different, i'm sorry..
i felt it too..
and i'm trying my best to be the old nina..
not the bad old nina, but the descent, friendly old nina..
------> i called myself descent!!! *wink*

to nadzirah,
i'll always love you..

to angah,
thanks for everything..

to fara,
still trying my best..

to nadia,
i really miss you..

to naimah,
i'll call you when i'm free..

love you guys... X)