Thursday, October 23, 2008

till death do us apart..

life is short..
u came out from ur mom's tummy..
go to school, go to college..
go to work..
get married, have ur own kids..
retired, stay home wif the family..
n die...

very simple n short..

the best thing in life if u can find your soulmate..
i mean, eternal love..
share your love wif sumone who can share ur tears, laugh wif you..
love that will never end..

i have one example in my life that experience this kind of love..
my grandparents..

they fell in love wen they were young..
settled down and my dad was born..
their only child, only heir..

they love each other for more than 60 years..
only death do them apart..
they shared everything in life..

they just cant be separated..
not even a second..
their love is so pure..

yesterday morning,
my mom called at 5am in the morning..
bad news..
they passed away..


only Allah knows how i felt..
my only grandparents died...

they were very dear to me..
no words can express how i feel...

they were found together on their bed..
true.. they shared everything in life..
they even die together..
so pure~

at 7am me n my housemates went to my kampung..
i drove 160km/h to reach kg..
in my mind, i just want to be there a.s.a.p..
we stopped at segamat for breakfast, then we continue our journey at 8.30..
i reached kg at 10.30am..

there were sooooo many people..
they were performing the solat jenazah when i arrived..
they were waiting for me..
the eldest grandchild since my bro is not in malaysia..

i dun wanna cry..
i wanna be strong..
but seeing all those ppl..
n seeing 2 bodies on the ground..
i cried..
i cant stop the tears..

after i kissed them goodbye,
i went to the kubur..
to see them for the last time..

right after we covered them,
it started to rain..
its like the sky is crying wif me..
it rains till now..

my dad has become an orphan..
he was so strong...

seeing he was strong like dat,
i tried to stop crying..
i noe its not good to cry..
ive to be strong 4 my dad..

but acting strong infront of hundreds of ppl,
i found out, im hurting from inside..
so bad...

ive to be strong for my parents n my sys..
ive to act as im d eldest grandchild n granddaughter..
its hard..

wen ppl hug me, it calms me down..
thanks ppl!!

ppl keep askin me how i feel...
whether m okay or not..

truth is, IM NOT OKAY!!!

i noe ppl care bout me, but the question 'nina, r u ok?' is the last ques i wanna hear..
anyway, to all those lovely people who always care for me, who always look out for me,
millions of thank you..~
i love you guys...

for my lovely housemates who were there all the way, thanks u guys.. love you~
for the beautiful people who sent messages wishing condolences, thank you..
for the caring people who cared for me asking me how i feel, thank you...

m surrounded with many people who cared bout me...
thanks u guys..
only Allah can pay d deeds u guys have done to me..

next week is my final..
please pray i'll be strong..

al-fatihah to my grandparents...~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

buzzy nina..

ari ni ari yg sgt2 la pnat..
pas klas kn setel props org asli..
x ckp surat a...
kn g print len a..

these are all the prices ive to bear for being such a procrastinator...!
lucky me..~

ngah lari2 nk mtk signature advisor, tetibe notice specs ilang..
mmg patah trok a..
what a day la..

in the end of the day,
i manage to siap my props, surat2 n all (yay!)
i broke my dear specs :'(

i so la need to buang kn perangai mr bean in me..!

m still upset bout my specs..................... X(
next week is my final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
imagine studyin without my specs..?!
uhuk..uhuk... need my mom rite now..
need my bro gaks..

abg.. i so la miss you so much..
call me when ure free...

i just need sumone to comfort me rite now~

Saturday, October 11, 2008

thank you

thanks for the memories~

Sunday, October 5, 2008

made me think..

"kita berlari apabila dikejar dan mencari apabila berhenti dikejar"
thanks stranger


things happened today dat made me smile...

ejat n frens dtg umah raye...
sean, armand n bots dtg umah gaks..
thanks korang!!

i got to eat mcdo fillet-o-fish + milo + apple pie... ~heaven~

ma parents anta me balek muadzam...

ngee~ feelin hapi today....

btw, got lots n lots of wet raye..!! haha... to abg, jgn jeles!!!!

but sumtin rily made me smile...
m so hapi dat i feel today is ma bday!
m so so hapi dat i feel as if im in a candy store..

to: sumone, thanks... X)

"tq for missin me~ -051008-"