Sunday, July 26, 2009

kemalasan menimpa

arrrrghh.. pnyakit M dtg..
tomorrow ade group tax challenge..
tak phm bace tax ni..
luse individual..
have to get rid of this kemalasan thingy!~

Saturday, July 25, 2009

family bonding+celebration=eternal happiness

went for a celebration since i got a place for my internship tonight..
with mom+dad+bro+sys+auntie..
every one's here tonight =D
for the first time since abg went home..
went to bangsar for dinner..

tomorrow (260709) is parents 25th anniversary. =)
so, it's double celebration..!

i made excuse to find the batteries for the camera..
then, nina+abg+adek went to delicious to buy 2 small-sized cakes for them..
I'm not so sure whether they suspected anything since it took us nearly 20 minutes just to find 2 AA sized batteries.. haha
but. they were very surprised..

happy smile =)

most important thing is, they liked the cake..
its not very big, just enough for 6 people to dig in..

it's just a small but memorable celebration..
i felt the eternal happiness after seeing their happy smiles on their faces =D
May Allah Bless them~
I pray for them to be together in this world and in heaven, Insya Allah..

love is truly in the air~

may nina will find her own happy ending story with His love~
you can only feel human's love if you love that person because of Him..
marriage is more than 2 people in-loved who sleep on the same bed, eat the same food, live under one roof.. its really more than that..

too much emotions involved~

i went to kl yesterday..
since housemates weren't there with me, i've to go home alone..
mmg lonely..
then, kak ju said kerol pon nk grak noon..
so, a strong hunch said i've to convoy with kerol..
and it was right..!
my car broke down in the middle of nowhere.
luckily kerol was there to help..
i called AAM for help and we waited for about 1 hour++ before the tow truck arrived..
sian kerol..
i'm so sorry ive to trouble you!!
thanks a lot for helping me yesterday!!
hafiz came all the way from muadzam just to check on us..
thanks dude..!
my car was towed to bahau..
the mechanic guy can't be so sure when the car will be fixed..
finally i arrived home at 8pm..
7 hours journey from muadzam-kl yesterday..
it was really tiring..!
alhamdulilah everything is ok now..

JaDE kn tarik.. isk2..

enough with the bad story..!
i got great news!!!!!
i got a call from pheobe bdo binder yesterday just before the accident..
i got in!!
praise to Allah..~
thank you soo much for helping~
thanks to hafeez izmal jamal hisne for helping me out with the interview questions..
thanks a lot man!

just got the letter today 250709

happily infinity~
true, Allah took something away from me to give me something even better..

Thursday, July 23, 2009


waa.. (T.T)
kn tinggal..
fara + nadz went to kuantan for the ksipts..
angah went home early..
i'm all alone~

haih... [-.-']
come to think of it,
i really hate being alone..
i hate facing the fact that im left behind..
i hate the feeling..

i like to be alone sometimes, but i hate people leaving me..
i want the people love most to be around me..
i want my friends to stay besides me..
i like the warm feeling.. (^.^)
but right now, i feel empty..
i really am alone right now..~

till then~

Saturday, July 11, 2009

another chance

thanks to Allah for everything..
thanks for the second chance..
thanks for the space..
thanks for understanding..
thanks for everything..
i do seek for some changes..
don't feel awkward..
don't be too far..
don't run away from me..
what i really need is time..
i really *heart* my friends!
May Allah Bless~

Friday, July 3, 2009

leaving a family behind~

got a 'job' at siti rokayah management services near to my house..
really excited to work..
but my hands are tied up..
got other commitments to meet..
i got sife meetings to go, family stuff..
i planned to 'work' for about a month but it turns out i worked less than 15 days..!
haha.. talk about integrity!!
maybe it's just not the right time yet..
working is really tiring..!
i cant imagine how people can stand working in the office..!

i met new people at the office besides kak siti of course.. =)
lindy, amir and rosli from upsi,
kak wan from uitm,
din + a guy whom i cant remember his name from polytechnic =)
they're great people..
I'm so lucky to have them as i-can-say colleagues..

today is lindy, amir n rosli's last day..
and mine too..
we took some pics..
had great time with them..
insya Allah we will meet again.. =)
May Allah bless them for being such good people to me =)

lindy, nina, amir, kak wan and kak siti =)

lindy, nina, rosli, kak wan, kak siti