Saturday, December 20, 2008

saved by a nutty lover

haha.. stress ngadap psycho, ajak nadz kua.. before naik umah, ajak g mkn kat jentayu kopitiam.. heaven gler jentayu de bkak kat harmoni.. not bad la mknan die.. price pon okay.. overall, sgt2 ske la.. ala2 mini starbucks-secret recipe cafe la.. cool kn? sape sangke muadzam de cafe cool.. even dak bangi pon addicted ngan ice blended jentayu.. heaven..~

aritu nmpk ade org orda ice blended hazelnut.. so, sgt2 la nk rase.. bunyi pon cam tempting kn?
huhu.. excited gle nk g jentayu.. bkoba2.. ble smpi kdai, tgk menu, 'ice blended white coffee with hazelnut + ice cream'.... aiseh... punah harapan...! i dun drink coffee... too bad for me la...

tp abg tu convince gler2 a yg kopi tu rase pahit sket je.. the rest rase hazelnut.. because of my nafsu nk sgt rase tu membuak2, nina pon bli a.. ble sedut skali, mak aii..! tros rase nk pitam!!!! adoi je... tros tamo minum da... call me miss drama but i just can't take coffee..!!!! abg tu siap perli lagi "da stat pening da?" ngokngek jek!!! malu!!!!

looks nice kn? ice cream da tenggelam....... X)

back to the story... abg tu nmpk a nina da stat wat muke ble minum air tu... takan a nk wat muke dpn kdai die kn? pnat die nk blend ais tu... huhuhu... thn je la penin kat pale tu... adoi je.. shekse gler..!

luckily i got one nutty lover fren!!! haha... chipmunk!! thanks dearie nadz.. u rily saved ma life... sebek nadz tlg minum2 dpn abg tu.. ala2 cover a nina x ske minum! hehehe... i love u laling.. nadz bjaye bes an air tu seorang diri!! respek sama lu!! haih..

when it comes to coffee, nina n coffee just can't be put into one sentence la... sgt2 tak ngam... coffee n sefamily dgn nye.. latte ke mocha ke cappuchino ke.. x kesa la pe bentuk skali pon.. kalo da asal dari bijik itam kecik2 yg bau kuat tu gak, mmg la nina x ngam!! huhuhu...

nutty nadz really tried her best to be cool

angah bli an nina air 'ice blended chocolate + ice cream'... thanks angah!! i love you.. saved my life again..!! haha.. heaven gler dpt choc...! nyum2... u can only get this at jentayu...~ kalo rase nk, meh a dtg muadzam... X)

Friday, December 19, 2008

replace much..?!

cramp week...
tak cukup tgn nk handle..
non-stop classes..
sgt2 stress.. not to mention sgt2 pnat..

can't wait to go home..
my brain sgt2 pnat..
hypothalamus kate da xleh handle emotions agi da..

adoi je..
rite now, i think my sympathetic nervous system ngah keje keras..
too much stress.. (-_-')
the body just can't take it anymore..
adoi la..

or maybe nina jus needs more n more neurotransmitter...

dearie nina's limbic system..
please hold on...
please memorise everything she had learned..
please send impulses to the body to stay strong..

tax.. law.. macro.. account.. ais... psycho..
how do i face all these??
oh Allah...
please guide nina..

haih.. mam pnah ckp, 'we are an emotional human being'..
so i guess it's normal to feel stress..

nina really really really needs You rite now..
please make nina strong..

to everyone around me,
push me from behind, will ya?

mind the scientific terms..
thanks to psycho..
nina falls in love with bio again!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

not so brilliant..

bizziness.. as usual..
br pas bes program ibc..
sgt2 la pnat..
mentally n physically exhausted..

now, ade bazaar booth lak..
3 booth nk kn tgk..
sife, ppi n ibc...
takan la nk belah bdn jadik 3..?
ppi kn pki bju kurung ppi, ibc lak kn pki tshirt ibc...
mmg sgt2 arap skang ni ade kembar..

during the ibc programme, i really learned a lot..
i mingled around with lots of people wif different kind of attitude..
observing them made me learned sumthing..

let me make a list of wat nina had learned...


1. acknowledge people even when that person help with the slightest thing..
2. it's good to have back up plans but that doesn't mean that changing everything is the best way..
3. do not exaggerate when talking to people..
4. be humble and honest when communicating with people..
5. try to understand people rather than being selfish..

nina is still learning n will always love to learn....

hate flying solo...~

Sunday, December 7, 2008


this is for someone..

dear you,
i don't know what happened to us or what is happening to us..
i felt the distance..
i felt the ice-cold feeling when i stared your eyes..
i can't feel the warmth when you hug me tight..
i can't see the sweet innocent sincere smile anymore..

maybe the problem was on me .. or is it because of you?

i missed the old days..
i missed feeling comfort when you hug me..
i missed everything..

why won't you talk to me??!
if you really love me, tell me..!
you're keeping everything to yourself..
would that be much of a help?
would it cure the pain we felt?

maybe it's just me..
i'm putting myself in my own self-destructive zone aren't i?
i know i became more quiet..
but do you know what's going on inside me?
i'm in pain..
i bear this pain alone..

i'm changing..
please help me..
don't leave me when i need you the most..
no matter how quiet i become,
you know, i'll always need you..

when you talk to me, it soothes me..
when you hug me, it calms me..
so, don't leave me..
please don't..

maybe i'm not much a talker now,
i failed when talking heart-to-heart talk like this..
maybe it's better like this..
i'll just post it here...

i really hope you'll understand..
maybe i need sometime..
but i do still need you behind my back..
please be there when i fall..
please be there when all i need is just a hug..
please be there when i need you the most..

i'm not sure whether you read this post or not, but i really do hope you read it...
you know who you are and you know i wrote this post to you..
i really do value our friendship..

Saturday, December 6, 2008

latest update

its been a while since i updated the last post..

currently just finished my hols..
new sem, new resolutions i guess..

here goes..

nina's new sem resolutions.....
1. work harder!!
2. always smile even there's a tide coming your way..
3. don't be so vulnerable
4. be a bit friendly..
5. always love the people who are in front of you and try to love the people outside of your circle..
6. enough of playing.. focus time..
7. love yourself before you think about others..


really need to change this sem..

'the walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy'

i read those words in one book and it made me think..
maybe i did built those walls around me..
now, i missed the old nina..

where did i go?
who had ive turned myself into?

for those people around me who sense i'm different, i'm sorry..
i felt it too..
and i'm trying my best to be the old nina..
not the bad old nina, but the descent, friendly old nina..
------> i called myself descent!!! *wink*

to nadzirah,
i'll always love you..

to angah,
thanks for everything..

to fara,
still trying my best..

to nadia,
i really miss you..

to naimah,
i'll call you when i'm free..

love you guys... X)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

till death do us apart..

life is short..
u came out from ur mom's tummy..
go to school, go to college..
go to work..
get married, have ur own kids..
retired, stay home wif the family..
n die...

very simple n short..

the best thing in life if u can find your soulmate..
i mean, eternal love..
share your love wif sumone who can share ur tears, laugh wif you..
love that will never end..

i have one example in my life that experience this kind of love..
my grandparents..

they fell in love wen they were young..
settled down and my dad was born..
their only child, only heir..

they love each other for more than 60 years..
only death do them apart..
they shared everything in life..

they just cant be separated..
not even a second..
their love is so pure..

yesterday morning,
my mom called at 5am in the morning..
bad news..
they passed away..


only Allah knows how i felt..
my only grandparents died...

they were very dear to me..
no words can express how i feel...

they were found together on their bed..
true.. they shared everything in life..
they even die together..
so pure~

at 7am me n my housemates went to my kampung..
i drove 160km/h to reach kg..
in my mind, i just want to be there a.s.a.p..
we stopped at segamat for breakfast, then we continue our journey at 8.30..
i reached kg at 10.30am..

there were sooooo many people..
they were performing the solat jenazah when i arrived..
they were waiting for me..
the eldest grandchild since my bro is not in malaysia..

i dun wanna cry..
i wanna be strong..
but seeing all those ppl..
n seeing 2 bodies on the ground..
i cried..
i cant stop the tears..

after i kissed them goodbye,
i went to the kubur..
to see them for the last time..

right after we covered them,
it started to rain..
its like the sky is crying wif me..
it rains till now..

my dad has become an orphan..
he was so strong...

seeing he was strong like dat,
i tried to stop crying..
i noe its not good to cry..
ive to be strong 4 my dad..

but acting strong infront of hundreds of ppl,
i found out, im hurting from inside..
so bad...

ive to be strong for my parents n my sys..
ive to act as im d eldest grandchild n granddaughter..
its hard..

wen ppl hug me, it calms me down..
thanks ppl!!

ppl keep askin me how i feel...
whether m okay or not..

truth is, IM NOT OKAY!!!

i noe ppl care bout me, but the question 'nina, r u ok?' is the last ques i wanna hear..
anyway, to all those lovely people who always care for me, who always look out for me,
millions of thank you..~
i love you guys...

for my lovely housemates who were there all the way, thanks u guys.. love you~
for the beautiful people who sent messages wishing condolences, thank you..
for the caring people who cared for me asking me how i feel, thank you...

m surrounded with many people who cared bout me...
thanks u guys..
only Allah can pay d deeds u guys have done to me..

next week is my final..
please pray i'll be strong..

al-fatihah to my grandparents...~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

buzzy nina..

ari ni ari yg sgt2 la pnat..
pas klas kn setel props org asli..
x ckp surat a...
kn g print len a..

these are all the prices ive to bear for being such a procrastinator...!
lucky me..~

ngah lari2 nk mtk signature advisor, tetibe notice specs ilang..
mmg patah trok a..
what a day la..

in the end of the day,
i manage to siap my props, surat2 n all (yay!)
i broke my dear specs :'(

i so la need to buang kn perangai mr bean in me..!

m still upset bout my specs..................... X(
next week is my final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
imagine studyin without my specs..?!
uhuk..uhuk... need my mom rite now..
need my bro gaks..

abg.. i so la miss you so much..
call me when ure free...

i just need sumone to comfort me rite now~

Saturday, October 11, 2008

thank you

thanks for the memories~

Sunday, October 5, 2008

made me think..

"kita berlari apabila dikejar dan mencari apabila berhenti dikejar"
thanks stranger


things happened today dat made me smile...

ejat n frens dtg umah raye...
sean, armand n bots dtg umah gaks..
thanks korang!!

i got to eat mcdo fillet-o-fish + milo + apple pie... ~heaven~

ma parents anta me balek muadzam...

ngee~ feelin hapi today....

btw, got lots n lots of wet raye..!! haha... to abg, jgn jeles!!!!

but sumtin rily made me smile...
m so hapi dat i feel today is ma bday!
m so so hapi dat i feel as if im in a candy store..

to: sumone, thanks... X)

"tq for missin me~ -051008-"

Friday, September 26, 2008

its been a while

da lame x update blog...
now, br smpi umah... X)
so la hapi.. da lame x balek umah...
home sweet home...
esemen akaun x siap..
ngan slambe nak anta pas raye kang..
doa2 sir bek ati, trime esemen tu...

td kua ngan angah n nadz.. had a great time...
pnat tol jln... nk tcabot kaki..
haih... ble pompuan kua, mmg la byk tmpt kn g... huhu
besh2... tp lom puas.. sok nadz n angah nk g sunway..
rase nk ikot sgt2.. tp cam tale jek.. T.T
maybe next time, my dears...

hurm... latest news agi?
currently tatao la pe rase..
rase jauh dr sumone... sgt2 jauh...
hurm.. its my time to chase kot...
tp, smpi ble nk kejar??
Allah knows... :P

wat happend to us, dears?
i feel like we're falling apart..
we're not like before...
i mish the old fara who was always hapi2 n always made us smile even when we're sad..
i mish the old angah who shared her feelings n let us saw her tears..
i mish the old nadz who always shared everything n always by my side every second..
dears, i feel like i'm loosing you guys...
maybe i'm the one who has problems..
forgive me, my sayangs..
i'm not on my feet right now..
i need to have sum space..
i'll always pray we'll be the 4 belles like before... :P
for my hunny, i'll let you go if you're not meant for me... maybe there's sumone better for you out there... if that sumone can look after you, by all means, i'll let you go...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

kene mara....

td on the phone ngan *sumone*... kn mara.. erm.. to put it in a positive way, kn tegur la.. tp still, it hurts..! erm.. tough love.. mara.. mara... mara.. haih... da la kn hang up the phone cmtu je.. i rily hate ble ppl wat cmtu.. it hurts... so bad.. even if i wana hang up the phone, i msti jauh kn phone dr telinge.. i hate dga org letak phone.. ni lak kn hang up tetibe... haih.. pain.. pain.. pain.. tough love.. let it go je la... tp we can let it go, but the pain is still there, rite? hurm...

my bro lak da balek... waa... mggu yg sedey kot.. abg.. rily gona mish u... who's gona listen if i whine? abg.. missin you sgt2 la.... haih.. mggu yg pnuh ngan keje... sgt2 byk keje... its like i dont have the time for myself... hurm.. rily missed the old me.. i know im busy wif all the works, assgnments, quizzes, exams, but sumhow im okay.. im falling apart from inside, but outside m okay.. i tried ma besh to smile in front of ppl.. it worked sumtimes la... hurm.. manyak mende jadik rite now.. only God knows how i feel... dis wik mmg la sgt2 sedey.. erm.. i juz need sumone to listen to me.. i dun need a shoulder for me to cry on coz m tryin ma besh to grow up... i juz need sumone to lend his/her ears to listen to me... juz listen..............

i'll be okay...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

ibc + anak yatim + ilmiah fest...

Happi merdeka day..!!!
bangge nyec jd org msia..!!!
meh nina cte current activities i joined....
1. IBC
2. anak yatim
3. ilmiah fest

besh a gak join program bebyk...

program ibc tu nadz joined dis time.. so, nina sgt2 la excited.. huhu.. i got ma hunny 4 3 days.. cool gler... huhuhu... dis time nye perjumpaan nk pk psl prgram bln 12 kang.. so sume org brainstorm cm org gilak utk 3 ari tu... we slept less than 4 hours a day...! so la exhausted.. tp ble wat keje byk2 cam besh a... rase pnat pon ilang... huhuhu... 1st nite ktorg smpi, ktorg smpi lmbt.. so, dinner da tade... haih.,.. pas meeting da kul 12 lebey... so, ktorg kua a carik mkn.. all 9 of us-nina, nadz, mira, diana, haziq, aizat, maran, azri and afif... cam cool a gak.. x pnah2 mkn ngan dorg semeja... lepak bout 1 hr... besh a... kat sane i met sumone.. *wink*.. missin dat person.. tp dpt jumpe.. cam besh a gak.. *blush*.... mase ari last, group nina kn wat performance... ktorg men puppet show... haha... cam dak2 je.. tp we had a great time la... nina n nadz 1 group... ngan dak2 U len-niza, nad, hizami, rosmah, wani, err n the rest.. hehe... besh a gak.. dlm play tu, nina n nadz jd two of the main characters... tu pon kes x sngaje.. igt an play memen, skali kn perform dpn org ramai.. da a dpn dak2 U len, dpn vip... cess... malu nye...!!! nina jd kucing, nadz jd tikus... hahaha... besh tol..

wif niza the butterfly...

nina the cat wif nad the 'aisyah'

nadz the tikus... *wink*

on 290808, ppi n prs collaborated wif pekaya wat activity utk ank2 yatim kat pekan... ktorg g less than 15 ppl... the students dtg dlm 150 laa... huhu... it was a 1 day programme... pnat a gak.. mcm a ktorg wat.. ldk, talk, games... the most important thing, dak2 tu phm pe tujuan ktorg dtg.. hopefully dorg phm a pe ktorg aja.. huhu.. aifaa sgt2 sporting... siap aja wat banana shake.. sgt2 besh la aifaa.. i like you la..! huhuu.. my batch yg g cume 6 org-bha, nina, nadz, obie, haziq n aifaa.. huhu... yg len dak junior.. hehehe....


poyo ness....

300808 lak ade prgram ilmiah fest.. kat ilmiah la of coz.. huhu.. nadz jd ktua aras, so die sgt2 la bizi... huhu.. nadz kn wat backdrop... nina jd ajk nadz.. so kn a wat backdrop... pg tu ktorg patot trn kul 9, tp bgn lmbt... pnat smlm x bes agi.. bgn2 kn g kdai.. patu kn wat backdrop.. kul 3.30 br siap.. pas solat, tdo.. kn kumpul balek kul 5, bgn2 tdo kul 6.30 da.. huhu.. lmbt agik.. hehe.. sebek backdrop da siap.. hehehhe... theme kali ni back to school memories.. so, kalo wat comot2 pon tape.. name pon dak skola kn?? hehehe... pas maghrib td wat keje lyn org smpi kul 12... fuuh... bole thn a... besh a gak mlm ni..

ilmiah committee

nice ak???

wif our hasil kerja X)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

finding the one~

why Allah created gaps between fingers??
so that someday THE ONE who is made for you
will come and fill those gaps by holding your hands forever...
Love is not blind
it sees more and not less
but because it sees more
it is willing to see less
Love is about taking chances (260808-18:01)

Friday, August 15, 2008

missin ma home..

ble smpi msia.. ble smpi uniten.. ble byk keje kn wat.. ble byk esemen kn submit... br la trase saket bdn, saket pale, sume mende laa saket... btol la kate org, no pain no gain.. sumhow, sumtimes i missed ma real home... its really far away... how i wish i can stay there forever... tmpt tu sgt2 la special... pe yg u nk, u'll get it on the spot.. cash..! jus terlintas kat ati n Allah will grant it for u... sape tanak dok tmpt cmtu tol ak?? its like heaven on earth... byg kn la kalo dlm syurga cane..? hui... musti la blipat2 kali ganda nikmat... u'll only feel, u'll only know when u get there... i prayed for everyone i know to go there n have the chance that i had... i really really really missed everything kat sane... the mosques.. the deserts... the cute camels.. haih... kalo la de org arab nk kat saye, hai la.. kalo dpt dok sane.. mmg la sgt besh...

1 story nk kongsi... aritu da nk dkat balek.. 1 day b4 nk balek msia... br pas tahallul... kbtulan nk zohor da.. agi stngah jam je.. mak kate sok je la kat masjid.. iktikaf.. dpt pahala... da alang2 nk zohor.. so, dok la diam2 smbil ilangkn penat... ble duduk je tetibe perut rase lapar.. sgt2 lapar smpi pedih sgt... nk nanges thn saket... dlm ati, terdetik la 'Ya Allah, laparnye'... juz 1 sentence je... out of sudden.. tetibe de org arab ni ngan agih2 kn biskut n cheese... sume dpt... dpt mkn wat alas perut, alhamdulilah saket ilang... kat cni, nk share, cane kuase tuhan tu nk bg rezeki kat hamba Nya... Kun Faya Kun... x smpi 5 saat pon pas terdetik, tetibe org arab tu dtg kat dpn mata... Masya Allah... mmg nikmat... Allah je tau cane rase time tu... heaven sgt... kalo de rezeki, mmg nk g sane.. kalo bole tanak balek2... beshnye la... missin home....

it looks so simple, tp nikmat sgt ble dpt mkn.....

made me smile X)

(140808) de paper corporate finance kul 8.30pm... da la klas pack gler... 8am-10am finance, 2pm-4pm management accounting, 4pm-7pm islamic studies... kul 8.30pm exam.. hui... x stress laa... sgt suke klau pack cani... pas bes klas finance g mkn... da la ari pnuh ngan stress.. muke ketat je.. kalo ikot an ati, nk selotape je kat bibir mulut bia nmpk senyum tu ikhlas sket... hai la... what a day.. da la nk tghari.. sgt mengantuk la... angah n fara de keje nk wat.. x dpt branch skali ngan nina n nadz.. ktorg g a mkn kat highway... kdai feveret, kdai cik su... tgh2 mkn, tetibe nmpk ustaz comel *sir khairul nizam*... so senyum je la.. last year sir ade ajar nina malaysian studies n islamic studies... ustaz ni sgt la comel... hui... sgguh besh la msuk klas die... ciptaan tuhan yg cantek, sape x ske tgk, tol ak?? hehe... back to the story, ustaz tu bli lauk bungkus.. so, ktorg ni smbung la mkn cam bese... tetibe cik su dtg kat meje ktorg.. igt an nk kire cam bese.. so, ktorg x mek port la pe akak tu ckp... angguk2 je la... ble g kaunter nk byr, rupe2nye ustaz comel tu blanje nina n nadz... heaven gler.. mmg rezeki la... it made us smile.. i mean, really smile... 4get bout the exam mlm nnti... tu pon da ckp la.. hahaha... besh tol.. tetibe smangat nk g klas management accounting ptg tu... hui.. smangat2.. besh... what a lovely day i had...

see our happy faces... thn smpi klas islamic X)

stress free :D

Monday, August 11, 2008

Financial Statement of Life

Your birth is your OPENING STOCK,
What comes in you DEBIT,
What goes out you CREDIT,
Your ideas are your ASSETS,
Your views are your LIABILITIES,
Your happiness is your PROFIT,
Your sorrow is your LOSS,
Your soul is your GOODWILL,
Your heart is your FIXED ASSET,
Your duties are your OUTSTANDING EXPENSES,
Your friendship is your Hidden ADJUSTMENT,
Your character is your CAPITAL,
Your knowledge is your INVESTMENT,
Your patience is your INTEREST,
Your mind is your BANK-BALANCE,
Your bad thinking should always be DEPRECIATED,
Your behaviour is your JOURNAL ENTRY,
Your spouse is your JOINT-VENTURE,
Your life is your PARTNER,
Your child is your ADMISSION OF PARTNER,
Your death is your CLOSING STOCK.
thanx to sir taufiq~

Sunday, August 10, 2008

nina n her biziness.....!!

maken ari maken bizi... td br bes mits ngan org2 iim... pas bes mits mmg sgt2 pnat.. my brain hurts... manyak sgt pikir kot... There is one saying "The brain is like a muscle. When we think well, we feel good. Understanding is a kind of ecstasy".... do i feel good..? hurm.. a bit la.. its a good thing kn?? but do i understand..? err.. no komen.. hehehe...! skang ni asek bizi jek... time nk beskn utk mmbe2 pon tade... diri sendiri..?? huh.. agi a... i need to get a lyfe.... hai la... ive to think positive... see the world through rose-tinted glasses... jgn nk merungut je... bad habit.. kn ubah... next sem's resolution la ubah dis 'merungut2' thingy... skang ni tdoq mmg la x ckp... mate bengkak da... pain.. but no pain no gain kn?? have to study agi... kames ni de midterm corporate finance... hopefully nina can get 100% insya Allah.. tryin to be positive person every second.. m tryin ma besh to control my emo issues... have to learn to relax n dun be so la mcm mr bean everytime de probs....

mase 1st time gi meeting iim, aizat dan bin anuar was elected as the vice pres and jd project manager utk event besar nnti... aizat kept sayin 'why me? why me? why me?'... everytime die ty, nina pon jwb la, its ur turning point... live with it... work on it... tu je la... td ngah tekan2 laptop, tetibe terbace 1 quote ni;
Some people see things as they are and say "Why."
I dream things that never were and say
"Why not."
so aizat, be positive... u got the rest of us.. we got ur back.. dun wori too much.. if u wanna scream, we'll scream wif u.. if u wana cry, we'll cry with you.. if u wanna laugh, we'll laugh with you... be the best leader you can be.. just remember, once a leader, always a leader.... don't give up...if you cant do what you love, try to love what you do...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

hapi 2oth!

020808- arini bday ma hunny...!! hapi celebrating 20th year of your life, nadzirah ramdzam...!! luv u 4eva...!

كل عام و أنت بخير
生日快樂 (sàangyaht faailohk)
Halala ngosuku lokuzalwa

dear nadz,
happi birthday...!
may Allah bless you in every way..
luv u till the end..
besh of luck..
thanx for everyting..
glad to have you as my fren..
dream till you touches the sky...!
do not loose hope..
i'll always be with you..

Thursday, July 31, 2008


dear blog...

i felt not so good today... class was packed.. from 8am tp 7pm... hurm... my roomate went home just now... felt like following her.. i mish home... i mish my family... hurm... i need my mom right now... hurm... my dear blog.. since i came home, i felt totally different.. that's good right? but i noticed i prefer to be quiet rather than talking to people... is dat good? ive once read one saying 'sometimes, quiet is the best eloquent reply'... but somehow i feel so not me... i'm afraid i'll hurt other people... especially my frens... especially my housemates... especially my RoOmate... i love them so much... i love her eternally.. i've no intention of hurting anyone... hurm... personally i've once promised myself to be the best friend i can be... i want to be there when my frens need me.. i want them to share anything with me... hurm... i feel so guilty coz i think ive hurted my frens.. maybe ive to learn how to smile.... smile to everyone... maybe it'll be better... hurm... no harm trying right?? to all my friends, i'm so sorry if ive offended you guys in any way.... to my dear nadz... i luv u forever... share everyting with me... just remember i'll be right by your side anytime u need me....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i feel left out.....
hate that feeling...
struggling to be free now...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

new leaf~

alhamdulilah slamat smpi da.. sayu je nk tgglkn sane.. i felt as if i belong there...hurm... now kat muadzam da.. huhuhu.. sgt berat la ati nk balek muadzam... blk2 manyak mende nk catch up.. td stngah ari blaja eco n akaun.. balek2 ari senin da de 2 quizzes, esemen nk kn anta.. terbaik kn?? may Allah help nina to get through this not-so-fun phase... haih... please pray for me.....

Saturday, July 12, 2008

pray for me~

i'm going far away.. to find some peace... i really need it... to find His Love.. do pray for me.. hope i can be better in every way...

if i didn't come back,
do not miss me..
if you love me,
do remember me...
i do not have so many wishes,
i just hope i can stay in a very small part in your heart...

do pray for me...
for everyone, i love you guys because of Him...
missin everyone already..~

Friday, July 11, 2008

more and more hurm~

im officially become the next generation of mr. bean.. geez... soo many things to do... haven't done anything yet... hurm... soo many responsibilities.. now i cant sleep eventhough im soo la sleepy.. insomnia..? haih.. may Allah grant nina her ability to sleep again.... hurm...

talking about responsibilities... em.. i cant deny that ive some issues with handling responsibilities.. why la i've to carry them everywhere..?? i forgot that, since azali i was made to be a leader.. i mean, all of us are calliphs right..?

one person said to me 'if you have the opportunity to lead, lead with humble + humanity'... but first you have to listen to your iman.. the inner you... that is the most important.. hurm.. practice 360 degrees leadership - lead upwards, lead the prople at the same level as you are and lead downwards...

once a leader, always a leader.. i've to hold onto that principle.. hurm...

ignorance + arrogance + stupidity will bring you down... ---> have to try to overcome that..!

knowledge is in the heart and NOT on papers...! so, share everything...! people can't see what you've got inside you.. life is all about sharing~ hmm.. knowledge and akhlak must be parallel... then it'll balance.... life is not only in this world... have to chase both worlds... 'everything is finite n akhirat is infinite~'

so, be strong nina~ its okay if you breakdown sometimes............

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

walls to break...

having down moments right now.. emm,.. i do not know why.. it seems i enjoy being alone... hurm... i missed the old me.. hurm.. i see some brick walls i've to get through.. hurm.. hopefully i can break down those walls..

identified walls:
1. mojojojo
2. simpson
3. IBC thingy
4. ppi blog
5. new me..! X)

till again...~

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Integrity much..?

i've attended the IBC-integrity business club leadership camp on 260608-290608.. i was so damn tired.. i haven't got enough rest from the sife-ness.. huuh.. from the first day, i can't wait for the camp to be over... i haven't got the energy to even smile..! huh.. erm.. at first, i don't really get the idea of the integrity thingy.. i tried soo hard to understand what are those people trying to do with the club... lme gler nk phm... when i asked my mom, how do we instill integrity in people? my mom simply replied, 'integrity is like iman.. if your iman is strong, you won't have issues with ethics'... then, it clicked my head.. now i understand.. it's simply as that... hui.. so in conclusion, integrity = iman.. good iman = good person... simple.. you'll be good at both worlds..! hehe...

IBC Leadership in Governance 2008

Me as MC..?!!

at muzium balai polis

bad leadership..???!

the mic luvs me..?


family from unitar kelana jaya, unitar penang, msu n utp

kenangan terindah~

Monday, June 30, 2008

.shell.sife national.

emm.. on 20th june, sife uniten participated the shell betterworld competition 2008.. we got 3rd place.. utp won 1st place n uthm got 2nd.. we did our besh.. we rily enjoyed ourselves... we did not get proper sleep for about a month.. it was a rily good experience... glad i'm in the team.. putri and botak were the speakers.. they did awesome job..! congrats to all of us..! yay for uniten.!


rina + nina


speakers - bots and put

q&a session: esah.bots.puts.didi.suresh.maru

on 23rd and 24th june ade sife national competition 2008.. we got 3rd.. this is our 2nd strike.. for six years we got 2nd place.. em.. but hey, 3 is bigger than 1 and 2 right?? inside every one of us, we felt like there was something eating us from inside.. we were so down.. but, everything that happens, there are always reasons for that.. we had great time.. we got great team members.. we shared laughs, tears, stresses.. everything we did it together.. we ate together, we slept together and we even cried together.. you cant find any other teams better than what we had.. love you guys forever.. SIFE UNITEN 2008~


report team



1 family eternally

1 team 1 voice~


rini.kak aja.shahril.miza.mun.adah.nina.nuar

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my love~

why did Allah granted a family for each person?
why did Allah made every person in a family has the same DNA..?
it has connection..
just like the question 'why did Allah created the world round?'
it resembles L.I.F.E..
when a person dies, it is the doa of soleh children that counts
see how the love flows even with the dead..?
it is the eternity of love... it lasts forever~
no one could ever take it from you except Him
if you felt hurt because of you get dumped,
just remember that you still have Allah's love + your family
they are more precious than any love...
'love soothes you when you're hurt'

Thursday, June 19, 2008

a day out wif ma switheart~

i went out wif nadz yesterday..! mished her soo soo much... we talked, laughed non stop..! the makcik2 kat surau bg usha pelik2.. hehe.. who cares?? i got to meet my buah ati.. yay! we went to MPH to get sum stuff.. tjumpe notebook yg de cute cover, pnuh ngan quotes.. besh2.. ktorg dok bsile nk carik the besh notebooks.. huhu.. people were staring at us... but, who cares..?! huhu.. d most important thing, we got wat we wanted... we bought 2 comel testpads, 3 notebooks n a new pencil box... every sem, musti beli new pencil box.. aiyoo.. so la tamak.. huhu.. nadz is so la tamak.. da beli testpad pon nk gaks.. tape2.. org tamak selalu untung..! huhuhu.. then, pas bli brg, tjumpe cermin mate 3D hannah montana.. huhu... kawaii..!! comel bangat...! so, wifout malu2, ktorg tros pki n mek pics.. so la nadz yg aja..! huhuhu... ustazah rock! had a great time wif her.. besh2..

cantek ak..? ours~

*hannah montana*

2 budak itam....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1 hard day~ fuh...

em.. smlm x bole balek.. dok kat admin.. btapa wat kije smpi siap... balek umah kul 9 am.. huh.. torturing tp besh! g kdai mkn kul 12, mkn + wat keje smlm kul 2 lebey, then bak to admin, smbung wat keje.. haih.. dok ngan shaun the sheep, juliet, org besa, amoi, kak sha, wan, dak skola n maru.. besh2.. sume masuk air da.. huhu.. alhamdulilah, pas subuh, sume keje siap.. patu, rermai nek roof top, tgk sun rise.. masya Allah.. cantek nye....! heaven~

rite now, missin ma lyfe, missin nadz, missin angah~ fara is wif me.. yay.. huhu..

mish ya guys..! i need to get ma lyfe bak..!

Monday, June 16, 2008

1 family again~

ari jumat lpas (13th june 20o8) kekanda ku saorg sudah kembali ke tanah air!!! yay...! abg balek!! besh... trase cukup korum da.. its 5 again in the family.. the day before dat, kak an n lutfi lak balek jpoon.. isk2... ble a agi nk jumpe dak kecik tu... da la ske barney.. *comel*... skang ni ngah busi... 28th ni nk balek da..!! ish2.. tamo balek muadzam... nk dok umah..! wawawa...

nadz pon da slamat smpi... yay... buah ati sorg tu.. da a ssah nk cntact.. cane phone bole ilang tatao a... tp, to think of the bright side, de rezeki nadz dpt fon br... huhuhu... besh... bole ak nk pakat rermai ilangkn phone? huhu.. de can dpt baru.. hehe...
till again..

my search never ends~

Monday, May 26, 2008

me + leader = disaster..?!

em... juz got bak from rompin.. had sum happily stress moments.. but its okie.. i learned a lot.. i mean a lot...!!! great leaders always make mistakes... its okie.. its a leaning process.. mistakes can be made but can't be repeated..! mistakes are the portal to discovery they said... i guess its true.. i made sum mistakes during d program.. i made stupid decisions n felt stressd all the time.. it was bad for me n the team.. huhu.. hav to think rasionally not emotionally..! luckily ive got my team.. they supported me A LOT n they didnt ditch me, instead they gave me buckets of advices.. thanx didi, thanx shahril, thanx zil, thanx wan, thanx rini, n special thanx to kak nad.. luv em.. thnx 4 not quitting on me...! i tried ma besh, but i'm juz not perfect.. i'll keep on tryin.. life's a journey rite..?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

new side of me..

this olie isn't d olie as i tot it wud be.. its gud.. i find every memory is educational.. live wif it.. huhu.. i've been busy doin sum stuff.. improtant stuff.. huhu.. im not sure whether im now in my self-destructive zone or im at the stage of turning point... geez.. time will tell.. on my mind rite now is only work, work n more work.. have to get a lyfe la.. adoi..

at first, i felt so alone... well, since nadz isn't wif me.. but im not dat alone after all.. Allah is always wif me.. and along the way, i found out i received free advice from all the people around me... its very valueable n its free..! but then, people can encourage, you live your own life... every journey starts with a single step...~Henry Ford once said, either you can or you can't, it's right... so, it's my choice.. i can be quiet and passive.. or i can start being myself again... alhamdulilah i chose the latter.. now, im okay wif my new team... to be a betterman, you cant rely on people.. you must change by your own, only then Allah will guide you..

when you feel down, juz think positive.. He's always there for you.. sumwhere over d rainbow, blue birds fly..~ its mind over matter... the sky is the limit, so dun giv up... dun hav any doubt on ur capabilities.. dat is d worst mistake people can make.. so, always think positive.. anyone can do wonders... juz hav to remember dat...

so, please pray for me.. need support from everyone, anyone...!

Monday, April 28, 2008

looking for the lost hope

i think im very far from 'him'.. missed d times wen we used to date... m tryin my besh 2 be a new nina.. the new nina dat He'll love.. but y i feel dat the more i try, the more i feel lost..? im not tryin hard enough izzit? i cant loose any hope now.. i juz cant!

believe in Him, believe in urself-dat were d words mom always told me... can i put my hope again? all i can see, hope is like an investment.. the more u invest in it, the riskier it get... n wen u lost, u find urself wif hurtful thoughts... izit like dat? or im juz seeing things too differently..~?

i dunoe.. for all i noe, luv will grow.. hope will not die.. i'll keep holding onto those words.. juz tryin to get better n better each day... my search never ends~

Friday, April 25, 2008

not too late

wats dis pain im feeling..? its cumin from inside.. very deep feeling..~ its hurtful... Oh Allah.. help nina...!

if i've a big magic eraser, i'll delete every single pain memory from my mind.... haha.. GET REAL nina!!! there isn't any!! u felt hurt, u're dissapointed, u're down... SO WAT??!! there's notin wrong wif dat.. so wat if u did any mistakes..? so wat if u didn't get everytin dat u wanted..? its not the end of the world..! remember, Allah noes wats best for u... His Promise...

today kn brainwash ngan my beloved bro... luv u abg..! manyak a die ckp.. br bkak sket otak ni... huhu.. hav 2 do more reading after dis..! huhu.. em.. abg ckp sumtimes, we have to get to the bottom so that we know how to get to the top... its the pain that'll giv u the guts to improve.. we learn from mistakes.. dun eva try to be a perfectionists coz they wont make any mistakes.. n the real mistakes in lyfe are not making one.. be someone who's moderate and not doing too much in everything~ so, dun be afraid to fall, dun be afraid to get hurt coz dat's called LIFE...! its round n when u're at the bottom of it, crawl, climb, walk or run as fast as you can to get to the top again... dis time, u'll be better, stronger insya Allah...

my mistake was i was soo afraid to get hurt, dissapointed that i forgot bout the lyfe cycle... i was created to do mistakes coz im not perfect... no one is.. Insya Allah i can be great in both worlds.. juz hav 2 try bit harder next time.. gettin hurt is juz a small hint to tell me dat Allah luvs me.. Alhamdulilah.. thank you Allah.. there are still rooms for improvements.. n im not too late to join the room.. i'll be better, i'll be stronger insya Allah....

if people stat camparing n talks bout u, juz ignore them.. u know urself better.. plug ur ears n smile... juz remember, if u do sumtin, do it bcoz of HIM, not coz of anyone else.. so, y must u think of other people's thoughts.. how bout His thoughts?? did we think any of dat b4 we do sumtin..?? muhasabah~

Thursday, April 10, 2008


020408 (slase) - org kn g muadzam balek pas bes exam.. dpt spent time kat umah 2 ari jek.. uhuhu.. sabo je la... amanah n responsibility cum 1st kn??

040408 (jumat) - rermai g ump coz de konsert akhil hayy.. grak 6 kete.. 25 org skali.. besh bangat! smpi ump da kul 6 lbey... konsert kul 9.. so, byk gle mase nk rest2.. mase org rest, kte lari sat nk jmpe wan! huhu...! bout 2-3 years x jmpe wan.. slalu gado dlm fon jek.. finally dpt jmpe gaks.. alhamdulilah... kat sne mcm2 jadik.. huhu.. kn tego la, kn mara la.. tp pape pon, org tau org len syg kte.. huhu.. untung dpt manyak akak tlg tgk kn.. besh2.. mlm tu wan jadik photographer.. kire x sie2 la asek beli mag psl camera kecik2 dulu... huhu.. pe agy, gn a sgale yg ade.. keje wan kn mek pic ktorg a.. huhu. besh2.. thanx wan.. len kali ktorg invite dtg muadzam mek aktiviti ktorg ek?? musti dtg tau! XD... huhu... pic kat sblah ni hasil keje wan a.. tenkiu wan..!! XP

050408 (sabtu) - pas g ump, the next day g umah presiden laks... plg besh dpt mkn nasik dagang!!! Allah je tau nikmat mase tu.. adui... ble balek, rindu a lak... huhu... sdap bangat..! rezeki tol.. thanx umi..! XD umah pres ni cam zoo pon de, cam umah kdai pon de... de kdai mkn, de galeri, de kandang kambing, kandang itik, ayam la, pokok tayah ckp la, mmg la ade... huhu.. ceria tul umah.. sume de.. bgos tol... besh a dpt tgk kmbing dpn2... cuak a gak tgk mnatang kaki 4 tu.. da le de tanduk.. adoi.. patu nk suro org pgang2..! nk nanges pon de.. haha.. cuak2.. pape pon, mmg tu a pngalaman tale lupe... besh... de 1 kambing tu kale die itam putih cam kale lembu... kambing tu betine n die a black sheep kat situ... die je itam putih... special sgt..! huhu... comel2... byk a blaja.. thanx pkck pres..!
muke2 masyuk tgk kambeng! haha..

memori di kandang kambeng~

pic kat bwh ni mek kat umah pres ngan parents die skali... besh bangat!

060408 (ahad) - uzlah stat.. pepg lg kul 8 da stat... enuf of fun, it's work time... huhhu.. sume smangat nk wat keje... komited gler~ besh a tgk org len wat keje... cam dlm family... dlm prgram ni, manyak a blaja.. manyak aktiviti da plan next sem.. insya Allah kalo tade aral, bole proceed.. cant wait..! mase uzlah ni everythin is in team.. so, mmg rase ukhwah maken kwat... yg slame ni xpnah tego, tetibe bole gelak gle2... besh a... pepg qiam sesme... solat jemaah... idup bjamaah tu indah bangat! luvd it... had a rily great time.. banyak dpt blaja... x rugi a g sne... huhu.. 3 ari yg pack sgt, tp besh! yay...!

Friday, April 4, 2008

holiday = bzi..?

huhuhu... been since a while since i posted d last news... emm.. skang ni da stat olie..!! yay!!!! besh... 3 months hibernate, sape x ske kn?? but skang ni ngan bzi2 agik.. kn wat tag utk sife, kn g ump (dpt jmpe wan *wink*) then de prgram uzlah 3 ari.. afta dat, its home swit home 4 me..!!! yayaya...! cant wait... rite now, ngah wat tag 4 sife.. 4o tags.. manyak tol!!!! xbole tdo agik mlm ni..!! huhu... wish me lak!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

mama... you know i love you....

emm.. smlm smpi kl.. besh sgt dpt blk.. alhamdulilah..... bit down in muadzam (T-T)... kn blk carik mak.. my mum is my personal motivator... luvin her 4 all ma lyfe..! [christina aguilera - i turn to you]... kang da kn brain wash, blk a muadzam... huhu.. hope i bcme stronger cam lgu britney stronger tu.. huhu..

mak pnah ckp, small people cmpare thmselves wif others, big people cmpare thmslves wif theirslves.. dats y small ppl wont bcme big big n big, in stead they bcme more n more small each second....! my aim is 2 b da big person... so, stop cmparing n stat improvin..! rite...??? always pray dat tmr is beta than 2day n tuday is beta than yest.....

em... tuday's mum's bday...!! yay..!!! alhamdulilah... another year had passed... she turns 50 tuday...! officially msuk kategori WARGA EMAS...!! huahaha... tp mak kate ni warge emas yg mude a.... hahah... at least, mude dr ma dad..! huhu... em.. always pray she'll get d besh of da besh, d cream of da cake in both worlds... always pray Allah will giv me more n more time 4 me 2 spend my lyfe wif her... i luv u mom... no one cud eva replace u...~

Sunday, March 2, 2008

whut a day...

smlm.. bzi banget..! pepg bute da stat jdik manager utk team netball nadz.. name team ktorg medula oblangata.. cool much?? haha.. ref x pndai sebut, pnyokong pon sme.. tbelit2 lidah.. ahahah.. name comel momo.. cute ak?? haha... em.. bak 2 d story.. keje manager ni x a ssah sgt pon.. tkang bg name, tkang mek mknan, tkang jage brg, tkang jerit2... tu je.. huhu.. tp, pnat gak a.. sape kate x pnat kn?? huhu...

then, pas kn blasah ngan dak bangi, ktorg hepi agik.. huhu.. ktorg rermai msuk explorace de uniten.. muahaha... besh2!!! my parents dtg on dat day..! uhuhu.. so, fara, zaf, nadz, kak miza stated d race wifout me.. dorg smpi 4 check point br nina join.. huhu.. em.. spanjg race, syarat2 kn a ikot kn?? patoh woo.. bole nek kete, tp xle bwk sndri, so fara, zaf, nadz n kak miza smangat tmpg kete org tepi jln.. huhu... siap nek lori cine agik... haha.. bsempit 5 org dlm lori tmasok driver.. hahaha.. dorg cite, tu a pngalaman plg besh..! huhu.. time kase la kat apek tu tlg bwk kengkwn saye, tp len kali tlg la bwk CPT SKET!! haha.. time kase gak kat abg kelise tah tatao sape.. die bwk mmg lju..! huhu... besh2.. pastu kn men jual2 lak... produk nk jual tah pape je.. dadih, 100+, perfume, sandwich... sebek de pasa seari time tu.. tp cube a pk, sape la nk bli all those stuff..?? haha.. then, nina suro a mak beli..! haha... tere kn?? tu marketing strategy tu...! huhu... dorg sume kat pasa time nina join.. sume org tgk nina blari2 cam org pe tah kat pasa... hahaha... pelik2.. then, on foot again.. kire tapak kaki le dr pam smpi audi.. total ktorg kire 739!!! byk kn...??? byk jln tuu...!

last check point kat audi.. tp yg sengetnye, xspecific katne.. so ktorg yg smpi 1st ni blari2 1 audi.. da a time tu de karnival kerjaya... akak abg senior smart2 sume cbok nk carik keje a, interbiew a.. sume tgk ktorg blari2 cam org x btol..! hahaha... sape slh?? pnganjo slh..! last2, dpt no 2.. tade rezeki.. lme gak round2 kat audi.. kat sejam gak a.. huhu.. cam org gilak sajak..! haha..

smlm mmg pnat sgt2....~~ dpt saguati 4 netball, but dpt 2nd place utk xplorace...!! nice experience.! tanak lupe smpi bile2..!! huhuhu... btw, its not easy to get last place tau!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

chicken hunter... huhu

smlm de prgram chicken hunter.. aka smbleh ayam.. huhu.. besh gler.. memule igkn kn keja2 ayam cam kat kg tu.. hehe.. rupe2nye juz smbleh je.. hehehe... besh2.. 1st time tgk live... huhu.. bkoba2 nk keja ayam.. hehe.. pape pon.. got d chance smbleh ayam.. besh.. super duper sesgt excted smbleh ayam.. de org tu ske mkn ayam tp allergic ngan ayam idop.. sape le.. *nadz* weks.. huhu..

sumtin 2 share..

rukun sembelihan:
1. binatang yang disembelih
2. alatan untuk menyembelih
3. orang yang menyembelih

dulu2.. igtkn laki je bole smbleh.. rupe2 nye pompuan pon bole gaks.. tp seelok2nye laki wat a.. nk nuntut ilmu nye psl, cube gaks smlm.. nervous + excited = muke fokus gle ms smbelih.. nadz gelak gle2 tgk muke.. muke fokus msti a cun.. die bantai gelakkn org laks.. sabo je a.. huhu.. pape pon i njoyd maself.. learnd a lot of new things.. gud experience a.. rugi sape x g.. besh! :p

Thursday, February 21, 2008

no baru... jgn jeles..! i lap celcom..!

mggu ni pack gler.. ari senin x dpt tdo kn blaja akaun.. ari slase kn wat esemen laks.. ari rabu de 2 meeting, patu g date ngan 'akak'.. mlm ni (kames) nk kn mnelaah sok nk midterm.. jum nk join seminar akaun sumtin.. sbtu de chicken hunter, men keja2 ayam.. ahad esemen again + blaja 4 quiz... whut a bzi2 week...!! hadoi le.. tp pk sng jela kn..? dun take it seriuzly.. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY..~

em.. td ngah syok2 tdo, tetibe dpt msg kn g blok akademik.. ghupe2nye dpt sim celcom yg U pack.. cam besh gle.. i lap u la celcom... celcom is da besh..!! da de cel pon nk mek gaks yg br.. ehehe... org tamak slalu untung kn..???? tp yg x syok nye, no tu stat ngan no 013-9....... org nk 019-6....... hadoi le.. lupe laks skang ni kat pahang.. hehehe... xkesa la kn... jnji dpt... nadz, fara, angah exctd gler carik no... besh gler.. ktorg nye no de double 7.. besh kn..?? no kite sme byk ngan angah... cool... so, pani saye akan lebey rajen call n msg kengkawan saye... bsediela wahai kwn2 ku..!! kang aku call, kalo tanak agkat, mmg aku majuk sebln..!!! tggu ye pnggilan saye...~

Thursday, February 14, 2008

not redi sgt2..!

tuday da kames.. got 3 days left nk dok umah... wawa.. tanak balek... kang balek muadzam ade byk esemen kn submit, ade 2 midterm agik, program agi... haila... im so so so not redi 2 go bak to d hutan... haih.. im not like jane.. im juz nina.. haih.. esemen x siap agik ni... why is d pnyaket M is haunting me?? CHAIS...! i need vitamin R rite now.. can anyone giv me one??????!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

which one is me...??

smlm bce novel... btungkus lumus gak la... 8 hrs (tmasok solat + mkn + tgk tv)... terer kn?? hehe... em.. byk bende blaja dlm novel ni.... sumtin interestin... cam related ngan diri sndri pon de.. cam xrelated pon de.. hehe.. tatau ler...

saye tenung lame2... saye ty diri saye.....

am i philophobia or gamophobia or BOTH..?? hehe....

philophobia means takut jatuh cinta or bercinta...
gamophobia means takut kawen....

tgk mmbe sbaye da kawen, tgk mmbe ade pakwe makwe... pe prasaan dorg ek??? x rimas ke?? x takot ke??

klau ade pakwe, nk kn call 24 jam... hadoi.. cam pnat je da le bes wet.... heh.

klau yg pakwe makwe yg pgang2 tu, x rimas ke? cam dak kecik je kn org pimpin... da le kes dose.. samak smpi ble2 pon blum tntu bersih.. nauzubillah...

klau tgk mmbe bg adiah kat pakwe makwe xrase membaze ke?? dr bg org, bek kte smpn.. bli pe kte ske, then kte smpn.. sndri puas.. huhu..

klau tgk mmbe2 kua mkn bdua ala2 date tu.. tgk dorg kua smpi 5 kali seari.. x bosan ke ngadap org yg sme?? klau 5 times a day X 365 days = BOSAN..!!

one thing for sure.. FRIEND and BOYFRIEND are 2 diffrent indivduals... so... it depends on our intention, rite??

klau suami, tale tanak wat sume di atas.. obligations kn?? hehe.. tu kes len la.. so, kn phm la beze suami n pakwe.. syg len2..

em.. so, i ask myself d same question again... which one is me..?? i duno... Allah knows wats besh 4me... juz keep prayin 4 d besh n may Allah protects me from doing all those bad bad things...

btw, my search never ends..

Saturday, February 9, 2008

luv ..?

`tolonglah aku dari kehampaan ini
selamatkan cintaku dari hancurnya hatiku
hempaskan kesendirian
yang tak pernah berakhir'

luv = patience

patience = hurts

being hurt = i bcme stronger

so, luv = stronger...

my luv.? my search never ends..~

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i am wat i am ~

erm... wat goes around cums around rite?? its time 4 me 2 go down.. enuf of laughs.. its time 2 cry.. 'ce que tu dons tu laura' wat u giv u get bak... hukhukhuk... hpe im strong enuf..

m lucky 2 hav my swithearts who were dere wen i need dem o even wen i dun need dem.. hehe.. nadz, fara, zaf luv ya lots...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

freedom much..??

mggu ni not so gud...
byk gle mende jd..
ade 3 midterm, byk esemen..
pnuh dugaan, pnuh emosi..
alhamdulilah.. da lepas azab mggu ni...
x saba nk balek..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

1st timer

hehe.. 1st time nk tulih blog.. so cam super duper excited aa.. em.. ni sume ats jase nadz.. tenkiu nadz..

sumtin 2 share..

em.. life is juz like a butterfly.. why??

EGG :: we are in our mummy's tummy..
LARVA :: we start walking, we're so fragile..
PUPA :: we struggle to get out from our 'comfort zone' (teenagers)
ADULT :: we're free! now, we can stand on our feet..

the life cycle of a butterfly is only for 2 weeks... it resembles our lives too.. life's very short.. live it to the fullest.. be a good servant n wait 4 d rewards later.... insya Allah..