Friday, August 26, 2011

iftar with them <3

ramadhan bliss <3 data-blogger-escaped-br=""> alhamdulillah.. alhamdulillah.. alhamdulillah..
thank you Allah for the endless rezeki..
thank you for the loving family
thank you for the caring colleagues
thank you for the wonderful brothers and sisters
a better ramadhan alhamdulillah :)
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

kasih sayang

love is owned by Him
if you want to be loved
instead of begging for people's love
beg for His love
it'll last forever
you won't get dumped
you'll have eternal happiness
may Allah bless
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ramadhan and patience

2nd day puasa kat office n nina stg lmbt for the first time!!
first time clock in kale merah bukan sbb odit luar~ huu
nina smpi office 8.30 lebih..!
ok sgt cuak stuck dlm jam ngn gerak 15 min tuk 200m je..!
cecepat call managers n luckily both of them sruck dlm jam yg same :)
fuh fuh fuh
hati tenang sket.. hee :)
disebabkan smpi 40 mins lmbt kenala blk 40mins lewat..
mmg menguji kesabaran!!
semoga nina terus belajar bersabar :)
may Allah bless
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

ramadhan kareem~

it's ramadhan again.
alhamdulillah i'm given the chance to feel His Rahmat in this Holy month again.

such Holy month should be celebrated by every muslim in this world.
the thought of "ramadhan kareem" should be set with..
"arghh, i can't eat after this"
"arghh, i won't hold my boyfriend's hand coz i respect the month"
"arghh, terawikh terawikh terawikh!!"

those kind of thoughts are wrong.
i guess that's why people or perhaps myself can't see the true meaning of ramadhan,
the Holy Month.
it won't be called HOLY MONTH for nothing, duhh~~

it's the month when Allah wish to grant rewards hundred times more than other months~
it's the month when you can learn a lot of stuff~
you can learn to give and take,
you'll learn to be patient,
you'll learn to handle your lust,
you'll learn to be a better person,
plus, it puts your stomach on a vacation for a while~~

He is teaching a lot of things in this 30 days of course~
it's the time when you are really really really close to Him~
all your wishes are granted, insya Allah~
all your deeds are rewarded multiple times, insya Allah~
all your sins are forgiven, insya Allah~
it's the month of to be really close to Him.
masha Allah

thank you Allah for the month of Ramadhan,
for such beautiful name it has,
it gives so much benefits to all muslims,
it surely cannot be waste~

dear brothers and sisters, 
let us all take this opportunity to be a better servant
fix the bad attitudes,
add values to whatever we have now,
aim for Jannah Here and Hereafter <3
insya Allah

courtesy of mr. google~

ya rabb,
please let this month be a better remadhan for me~
please grant me strength and patience~
please strengthen my imaan~
please teach me to be patient~
please show me the way to be a better servant~
please please please don't let me be astray for even a second~
oh Allah, please allow me to meet the next ramadhan~

may Allah bless~