Sunday, June 26, 2011

menginjak sebulan~

it's almost a month..
a month of being a worker..
i'm blessed to have such good seniors~
they can be very strict at times,
but most of the time, they are funny~

i'm thankful for all of that.
on the first day of working,
my parents took a few photos of myself.
yeah, it's just the thing they do watching their kids grow
snap snap snap~ 
in the car..
they keep on snapping till literally i left the house~
 this was taken on the first day i went to kinder garden.
i got a photo while first time riding the bus to school~

i <3 my parents
they can be very funny sometimes.. 

it's nearly a month..
i got my 1st paycheck!
my parents were overwhelmed~
i think they can't believe their daughter is now a grown lady.
but not fully grown i guess!
i still need them in every ways. =)

thank you Allah for the love parents!
thank you for everything!
May Allah bless~