Sunday, August 30, 2009


its really hard to change drastically..
only for the better..
no harm~
its really2 hard..
especially to lower the ego..
fake it till you make it..
starters are always the hard ones..
that's a fact!

oh Allah.. please make nina changes for good..
i wana be good.
i wanna go to heaven..
tenanglah amanina~

Friday, August 28, 2009

rest + medication = quarantine.?

tamo mkn ubat..
musti cari alasan nk ngelat mkn ubat..
dpt ubat kale pelik2..
pahit + masam..!

nk baek cpt tp tamo mkn ubat..

tulun jgn pakse saye mkn ubat.!
sungguh laa saye x ske!

*no wonder i can't be a doc*

Thursday, August 27, 2009

mixture of feelings~

ahad: home sweet home muadzam!! *start running nose*
isnin: class 8-10, 11-1, 2-4 *running nose + coughing + terrible fever*
selasa: class 12-1, 2-4, 5-7 *still fever+ running nose + coughing + short breathing*
rabu: missed all classes + 1 AFA quiz! *getting better + short breathing + coughing*
khamis: misssed all classes + 1 AMA quiz! *short breathing + coughing*
jumaat: missed AIS replacement class + 1 Auditing Midterm! -meeting at IIM-
sabtu: meeting lg!
ahad: abes meeting -balek muadzam!-

waa.. manyak saket mggu ni..! i missed a lot of classes + tutorials!! need to catch up ASAP!!! mggu dpn sgt2 penuh..!

rabu: quiz AFA + midterm tax
khamis: AMA quiz!
jumaat: AMA midterm!

waa... oh Allah, please make nina become stronger with all this challenges i'm facing..! please let nina score for every test nina takes..!

when u're so down at the bottom and u need a lift to get up again, only then u realised how powerful Allah is~

thank you dear mom + dad for sacrificing your time to fetch me from muadzam..
thank you dearie nadzirah ramdzan, zafirah rosland, farah idayu razali..
thank you for all your love and attention when i needed them the most..

i know now why Allah wanted to test me with what's happening right now..
i can truly feel their sincere love..

May Allah bless them for being such good people to me..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

inside a heart~

Allah breaks our soul to make us even stronger~
May Allah Bless~

.you are so different.
it is not going to work if only one side who is changing
don't just leave, start pushing from behind
thanks for the secrets and lies
May Allah Bless~
you know i care for you

Sunday, August 16, 2009

the time is almost over~

tomorrow: Ahad 160809
activities: umah angah-->bangi-->muadzam

isk2.. holiday da bes..~ got several hours to go before its over..
i'm soo gonna miss my leasure time sitting in front of the telly while munching my favourite biscuits.. nyum2..

i didnt do any homework or study at all!

i really really really need to buang this laziness thingy~
it really is like a tumor..!
spreading to other parts every minute!
once infected, its hard to heal!!
its getting worse!!
change nina change!!

i dont tink ive ever been this lazy before..!
i really need to fine the old nina, quick~

maybe i've to dua harder+start to move my bum and just do whateva i need to do!!
quoted from hafeez: 'don't think too much and just do whateva you're supposed to do!'
right on bro!

starting is not easy but istiqamah is another thing~
may Allah bless~

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


mr. einstein came out with the equation E=MC2..
thanks to him, many people can use the equation to solve many2 things..

however, my own version of the e=mc2 would be

E= emotion
M= mentally
C= complexity
C= compassionate

i happened to face a lot of things that involve my emotions lately..
ive to fight so hard to understand my feelings..
it really is complex..
only He knows inside of me..
tenanglah amanina~

maybe einstein invented the equation to solve the emotion equation instead of the energy..
who knows..? =)

i got an award!!!!!

got an award from balqis.
my second award!
aida gave me my first but i havent post the award..
sorry aida..
btw, thanks for the awards gals =)
love ya lots!
May Allah Bless~

Sunday, August 9, 2009


did a quiz with shahrel just now..
sumtin to do with animals..
sumhow i can't really relate animals with the characteristics of a human being..
anyways, the results are:

1. This animal represents the personality of the person you would be attracted to in real life situation.
You chose Rabbit - In a real life situation you would be attracted to a person who is cold as ice on the outside, but warm inside.

2. This animal represents the impression that you would like to give to your partner.
You chose Horse - You like others to see you as optimistic.

3. This animal represents the behavior that would cause you to break up with your partner.
You chose Snake - Your partner is too emotional and moody and you don't know how to please him/her.

4. This animal represents the kind of relationship that you would like to build with your partner.
You chose Sheep - You want a relationship where both know what the other person is thinking without saying a word.

5. This animal shows whether you are capable of committing adultery.
You chose Bird - You don't like to make commitments and are likely to commit adultery.

6. This animal represents your views about marriage.
You chose Polar bear - You are afraid of marriage, you think it would take away your freedom. (ERR...?!-NO COMMENT!)

7. This animal represents your views about love at this present moment.
You chose Horse - You don't want to be tied by a steady relationship, you just want to flirt. (THIS IS SOO NOT TRUE!)


sekian, terima kaseh

Friday, August 7, 2009

quiz addict

i'm officially addicted with the quiz thingy
came across several interesting quizzes..
answerd them..
and the results are;

1. what's your love personality?

Long Term Lover

Are you the perfect girl or what? Maybe you're a little shy or lack the dazzling appeal of the Alpha Woman, but when boys get to know you they'll discover the gold deep down. Your love personality is the most likely to find true love and romance, and when you're a little older you'll be much in demand because men will want to hang on to you. Expect a long-term marriage with an adoring husband. Did I mention that you're a great mate too? And an old-round fabulous person to know.
2. What kind of guy do you need?
Classy guy.
result image
Someone classy who will take you to nice places is your perfect guy! A nice dinner is your perfect date! You would even be pleased if he took you to red lobster (BUT I DON"T LIKE LOBSTERS!!)
3. Is she your real friend?
This one's a keeper!
It seems like you got a good friend on your hands. Though friendships sometimes don't last forever, (I WANT MY FRIENDSHIP LASTS FOREVER!!). its always great to have such a good friend right now. Keep it up. And appreciate who's in your life right now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


uniten muadzam ditutup
virus H1N1 merebak
bule baliks =)
pki mask

Saturday, August 1, 2009

happy 21st dearie =)

dear you,
happy 21st bday!!
love you lots~
you know i do..
may Allah bless~

got this one poem for you:

The silence is the worst,
One day I swear, I will break the curse,
And my feelings will be made clear,
I will be bold, and strong, and free of fear.

I will tell you how much I care,
And I will promise you I will be there,
But until then, I will be in the shadows,
Waiting, praying in these meadows,

And until that day you will not see,
The truth that has enveloped me.
Because you must never know,
That I am the one, that loves you so.

i may not be the best friend you ever had,but i'll try to be one..

thanks for everything..

What's my biggest mistake in life?

i'm getting addicted with this quiz thingy..

note to self: GET A LIFE!

You're too careful.

Not in the meaning you're afraid to ride a roller coaster or something like it, it's more to your attitude. You're afraid to get out of a certain line you made to protect your pride. It'll be nice to live up a little, take a risk!

Like Mark Twain once said, "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Care HELL of what they're saying! Although not every time, of course, no.

introvert side of me

i came across one quiz just now..

the question was,
where does your heart lie?
interesting huh?

i've always wanted to know the answer to that question..
and the result is:

In your chest

Right where it belongs. You're a guarded person and you don't like to let much out. But when you love, you love strong and whole heartedly. You are a very protective person

My comments:

1. guarded person? - very2 true!

2. i don't like to let much out? - OMG! extremely true!!

3. When i love, i love strong and whole heartedly.? - TRUE! very true!!!!

to the people out there, i'm so sorry if i didn't show you guys that i love you but inside of me, i really really do.. i need someone to show me how to EXPRESS my feelings.. to that someone, you know who you are, j'taime, dear.. i don't really know what happened between us since the last 4 months, but i really missed you.. i missed us, but i cant really show it.. it's really killing me.. i'm so sorry.. please let me be a part of your life and i don't really want to be only as part of your memory.

4. very protective person - true!

i'm very protective when it comes to the people i love.. true~