Monday, June 30, 2008

.shell.sife national.

emm.. on 20th june, sife uniten participated the shell betterworld competition 2008.. we got 3rd place.. utp won 1st place n uthm got 2nd.. we did our besh.. we rily enjoyed ourselves... we did not get proper sleep for about a month.. it was a rily good experience... glad i'm in the team.. putri and botak were the speakers.. they did awesome job..! congrats to all of us..! yay for uniten.!


rina + nina


speakers - bots and put

q&a session: esah.bots.puts.didi.suresh.maru

on 23rd and 24th june ade sife national competition 2008.. we got 3rd.. this is our 2nd strike.. for six years we got 2nd place.. em.. but hey, 3 is bigger than 1 and 2 right?? inside every one of us, we felt like there was something eating us from inside.. we were so down.. but, everything that happens, there are always reasons for that.. we had great time.. we got great team members.. we shared laughs, tears, stresses.. everything we did it together.. we ate together, we slept together and we even cried together.. you cant find any other teams better than what we had.. love you guys forever.. SIFE UNITEN 2008~


report team



1 family eternally

1 team 1 voice~


rini.kak aja.shahril.miza.mun.adah.nina.nuar

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my love~

why did Allah granted a family for each person?
why did Allah made every person in a family has the same DNA..?
it has connection..
just like the question 'why did Allah created the world round?'
it resembles L.I.F.E..
when a person dies, it is the doa of soleh children that counts
see how the love flows even with the dead..?
it is the eternity of love... it lasts forever~
no one could ever take it from you except Him
if you felt hurt because of you get dumped,
just remember that you still have Allah's love + your family
they are more precious than any love...
'love soothes you when you're hurt'

Thursday, June 19, 2008

a day out wif ma switheart~

i went out wif nadz yesterday..! mished her soo soo much... we talked, laughed non stop..! the makcik2 kat surau bg usha pelik2.. hehe.. who cares?? i got to meet my buah ati.. yay! we went to MPH to get sum stuff.. tjumpe notebook yg de cute cover, pnuh ngan quotes.. besh2.. ktorg dok bsile nk carik the besh notebooks.. huhu.. people were staring at us... but, who cares..?! huhu.. d most important thing, we got wat we wanted... we bought 2 comel testpads, 3 notebooks n a new pencil box... every sem, musti beli new pencil box.. aiyoo.. so la tamak.. huhu.. nadz is so la tamak.. da beli testpad pon nk gaks.. tape2.. org tamak selalu untung..! huhuhu.. then, pas bli brg, tjumpe cermin mate 3D hannah montana.. huhu... kawaii..!! comel bangat...! so, wifout malu2, ktorg tros pki n mek pics.. so la nadz yg aja..! huhuhu... ustazah rock! had a great time wif her.. besh2..

cantek ak..? ours~

*hannah montana*

2 budak itam....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1 hard day~ fuh...

em.. smlm x bole balek.. dok kat admin.. btapa wat kije smpi siap... balek umah kul 9 am.. huh.. torturing tp besh! g kdai mkn kul 12, mkn + wat keje smlm kul 2 lebey, then bak to admin, smbung wat keje.. haih.. dok ngan shaun the sheep, juliet, org besa, amoi, kak sha, wan, dak skola n maru.. besh2.. sume masuk air da.. huhu.. alhamdulilah, pas subuh, sume keje siap.. patu, rermai nek roof top, tgk sun rise.. masya Allah.. cantek nye....! heaven~

rite now, missin ma lyfe, missin nadz, missin angah~ fara is wif me.. yay.. huhu..

mish ya guys..! i need to get ma lyfe bak..!

Monday, June 16, 2008

1 family again~

ari jumat lpas (13th june 20o8) kekanda ku saorg sudah kembali ke tanah air!!! yay...! abg balek!! besh... trase cukup korum da.. its 5 again in the family.. the day before dat, kak an n lutfi lak balek jpoon.. isk2... ble a agi nk jumpe dak kecik tu... da la ske barney.. *comel*... skang ni ngah busi... 28th ni nk balek da..!! ish2.. tamo balek muadzam... nk dok umah..! wawawa...

nadz pon da slamat smpi... yay... buah ati sorg tu.. da a ssah nk cntact.. cane phone bole ilang tatao a... tp, to think of the bright side, de rezeki nadz dpt fon br... huhuhu... besh... bole ak nk pakat rermai ilangkn phone? huhu.. de can dpt baru.. hehe...
till again..

my search never ends~