Monday, March 30, 2009

towards the end..

sem da nak bes..
pejam celik, da 3 years kat muadzam ni..
seriously, xpernah igt bole thn lame kat muadzam..

things that nina gained from this sem:
1. got some new frens =)
2. gado2 syg ngan nadz tersyg *wink*
3. got several borang aduan ---> thanks for noticing me, pengadu! wud luv to know u..
4. senior-senior whom i loved da nak bes blaja =( - every starts has it ends
5. ltak jwtn kelab ---> bit sad but ive to think bout myself now..!
6. got to play volley ---> im sooo greatfull Allah granted my wish! =P
7. got to eat my first udang, ketam after nearly 15 years x mkn..! alhamdulilah
8. got to see partial sun eclipse with my own eyes..
9. learned more bout nadz --> much more to learn..
10. learned to rise again after so many times falling! =)
11. im letting danish go~ finally --> may u're grouped with the people that He Loved Best.. Al-Fatihah

Thanks to Allah ive met soo many kind of people in my live.. ive learned by observing those people, by doing lots n lots of mistakes, by showing good examples.. thank you Allah.. nina wud love to learn more in this life~

nina hopes n dreams in life:
1. wanna go to spain ---> al-hambra
2. wanna go to holland -----> garden of tulips
3. wana lie down n star gazing =)
4. craving for the 2 rial ice cream which u can only get it in mekah!
5. meeting someone who can always remind nina to be good!
6. dreaming of having the same dreams until Allah granted it =)

may nina's dream will become reality n not always stay as dreams n hopes 0.0

dear Allah,
please please please grant nina wishes =)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

someone noticed me..?

dulu2, critics n nina wasnt so good..
i hate people comment on me..
i felt that they really bugged me a lot..
stay out of my business..

but things changed..
people do change with time..

i just received two new 'borang aduan' from someone..
reality hurts..!

i did cried a bit last night..
i cant sleep..
all those words just spinning inside my head..

nadz noticed i cried..

i told my housemates bout the 'aduan'..
they were shocked..

somehow they felt very angry..
then, comes fara..

with her 'blurry' face,
she always did something that she is good at doing it,
she made me smile..

fara made some jokes, with nadz n angah..
i laughed..
i'm okay now..

thanks guys..

i learn something last night..

1. its really good to share your tears with your friends...
2. when people critisize you, it means that the person noticed you...
3. there are people who cares bout you without you realizing it..

no matter how much i hate reality sometimes, i just have to face it with an open heart..
i'm okay..
nina's grown up =)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

good girl

nina is opening a new chapter in her life..
the 'be good' chapter..

nina really wana be good..
but somehow, the more she wana change, the more Allah tests her..

be patient..
nina need some guidance..

nina needs help~


manyak2 stress...
mggu ni killer tol..
mggu carry marks kua..

try so bad to be greatful n humble at the same time..
dear Allah, dont hate nina....

mggu dpn, final..

da sem 4 da..
got another 4 sems..

cepat tol mase berlalu..

banyak tol chapter da terisi dlm buku kehidupan ni..
somehow, nina takut sangat andai suddenly Allah nk tutup buku ni..
dear God, please give nina some time to change..

all nina wana do is to be a good girl..~

anyways, ni jadual exam kite...

23 March 2009 (Monday)
Advance Financial Accounting I

25 March 2009 (Wednesday)

26th March 2009 (Thursday)

28th March 2009 (Saturday)
Accounting Information System

30th March 2009 (Monday)
Malaysian Taxation I

31st March 2009 ( Tuesday)
Malaysian Commercial Law san Secretarial Practices

To Everyone,
Please pray for nina...
nina really needs your doa...
Push nina from behind okay?
Forgive nina for any wrongdoings~

Monday, March 16, 2009



finals is around the corner.....
stress has become my bestfriend again...

im in the process of healing my eczema..
i really cant handle stress now..
i just cant!

parents set really high hope this sem..
pressure again..

dad's offer is irressitible..
'nina, if u got 4.0, a new gen-2 cam pro will be yours..!'
who doesnt want a new car..?

but inside me, i would really love to buy a new car by myself..
using my own money..
it'll made my hardship worthwhile..