Thursday, December 22, 2011


this year i just want 3 things..

1. rainbow cake of maryambytes

2. cupcakes

3. stongan with skirt




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Friday, December 9, 2011

the tale of the old man and a boy

This story was shared by En. Nizam IIM.
I may rephrased the words from my own understanding of the story :)

There was once a boy who lived on an island.
He runs and crouched and picked up something and threw at the sea.
An old man looked from afar.
The boy keeps on skipping and sometimes running, stopped, crouched, picked up something and threw at the sea.
The old man came near to the boy and asked,
"My boy, what are you doing?"
The boy replied,
"I'm saving the starfish from drying up"
The old man said again,
"There is no way you can make any differences. You're wasting your time."
And the old man left the boy.
The boy continue with what he was doing and found a starfish and threw at the sea.
He looked at the old man from behind and said,
"I've already saved a life and I can make a difference."

Actually, it sounded better when En. Nizam as the narrator.
Anyways, hope you'll learn something from this story just like i did.

For everything that we do, do it honestly.
Do it as if it is the last time you are going to live.
Do it lillahita'ala.

En. Nizam shared something that meant a lot to me,
He said,
"Touched at least one soul and if you can't do that, open up your heart wide so your soul can be touched"

may Allah bless :)