Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the power of influencing people~

venue: class PSA
time : tghari kot~
mode: penat menunggu lecturer hensem dtg class~
the poyo gals : pineh + nadz~

nadz bosan ~
pineh semangat~

nadz jd berminat~
pineh maseh poyo~

nadz follow pineh semangat~
mata nadz start ngantok~
pineh maintain poyo~

nadz da tetido~
pineh br sdar nadz tdo~

pineh jd ngantok tgk nadz ngantok~
pineh join nadz~

pineh + nadz?
maseh poyo~

.the end.
may Allah bless~


i did some thinking tonight~
suddenly i feel like i need to improve on myself~
so, i text-ed my family-friends to ask on the stuff that i need to improve on~

i just simple text-ed,



i sent the message to boyak, zoey, ammar, azrul, hairman, fatin hanani, fatin rezal, nadzirah, nabihah and a few others~

most of them said, that they love me just the way i am~
but there are still things that i need to improve on~

reading their messages, made me think hard..
i cried reading those messages~
i'm not so sure why am i crying in the middle of the night while staring at the phone~
yeah. i know.. haha.

on my birthday, i received birthday cards from my parents + sisters~
in those cards, my parents wrote,
"we love you for who you are"
and my sister wrote,
"no matter how big u become, u'll always be my sister"
touched, right?

i'm blessed to have my biological family whom accept me from the day i was created in this world~
i'm blessed to have my uniten family whom cared for me for 5 years spent in muadzam shah~
i'm blessed to have my ICC family whom love me the way i am~
you can say that..
definitely ~~

oh Allah,
grant the people whom they loved me with your blessings every second of their lives~
grant the people whom nina loved with your guidance in iman~
please love them as they love me~
please let me be with them here and Hereafter~

family is the utmost treasure to be cherished after iman~
love your family no matter how good or bad they are~
may Allah bless~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

feeling blessed~

الحمد لله ربّ العالمين
الحمد لله ربّ العالمين
الحمد لله ربّ العالمين

those words are the most perfect words to express my feelings right now~
thank you Allah =)
thank you for the best ever parents nina could have~
thank you for the coolest siblings ever~
thank you for the humble family~
thank you for the awesome BUN family members~
thank you for the IIM/IBC/RAC/CSR/ICC family members~
thank you for the wonderful friends~
thank you for the love~
thank you for the blessings~
thank you for giving me the chance to live to feel this blessings~
thank you, thank you, thank you~

to everyone,
thank you for the wishes~
thank you for the prayers~
thank you for the love~
may Allah bless~
nina sayang kamu~

and the story begins,
this year, nina celebrated her birthday on friday, which is a very special and blessing day =)
thank you Allah~
the day started when nina had to go to the Islamic Accounting class~
nina's lecturer asked her husband (ustaz) to conduct an Al-Kuliyyah session regarding the ethics learned previously~
1 hour of such full knowledge for the soul~
alhamdulillah =)
then madam held a pop quiz before ended the class~
best birthday present ever!
but good to know the pop quiz would be added as additional marks to the previous quiz~
alhamdulillah =)

then after class, nina went home~
reached kl around 3pm~
only dad, kakak and aunty were home~
then dad went out~ =.="
waited for mom, dad + sys to come home till 7pm++
mum reached home with a cake!
nina really loves cake!!!
but the writings on the cake was a mess~
nina felt very sad~
maybe its not nina's rezeki~
a step to maturity right? =)

only can see the scribble on top of the cake ='(
supposed it should be written,
btw, kak warshiah is my maid or i prefer the word kakak,
she was born on 16th dec 1987~

 december gals =)

then, around 9.40pm,
nina drove to IIM~
got a surprise from the IIM family~
FATIN HANANI BUN made nina a special cake~
guess what? 
it had the name KAK NINA on top of it~
Allah took something to give nina something better!

the cake was nina's alone and only nina's name on top of it~
thanks adek! 

marvelous!! =)
the best part, everyone was in the room singing nina the BIRTHDAY SONG!
i'm soo touched!
i wanted to cry, but i guess the feeling of shame was quite stronger than the crying part~

nina has her own official cake! yeay!

there was a note ontop of the cake~
it wrote,
DLL.... =)
P/S: WE <3 YOU!!

they loved me~
alhamdulillah =)

went out for supper at kg. baru with the IIM family =)

hot2 girls~ 

nina has turned 22 and still received presents!!!
alhamdulillah =)

such good book from ammar thaqif~
may nina be a better person as in her wishlist~
insha Allah =)

even got a diary from ammar thaqif =)

even got some vouchers to celebrate my birthday!
cool kn??
thanks ammar thaqif!

even got another planner~
this one was from ahmadlie
nina can be more organized after this, insya Allah =)

birthday cards!!!!
thanks mom + dad~
thanks sys!
thanks ahmadlie!

got a special necklace from mohd zulfarid~
thanks a lot!

got a blouse from my sister!
thanks beb!

got a purple selendang with a purple body mist from Nadzirah Ramdzan =) 

received a purple pashmina from Nur Azizah + Famieza Diyana =)

 fingers from syamil syamito!

cuppies from Nadzirah + Farzana Ramdzan =)
best cuppies + cheese cake bakers ever known!~
best an?
NIna <3 NAdz~

nina ended her day with a very big smile on her face~
الحمد لله ربّ العالمين
الحمد لله ربّ العالمين
الحمد لله ربّ العالمين

nina is feeling blessed each time she breathes~
may Allah bless~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

touched by a small surprise~

got a photo from FATIN REZAL
actually, i wanted to put 'my name written in the snow' on my wishlist,
but i think it would be too much of a favor to ask~
but tonight,
Allah granted the wish!!

thanks adek!
i heart it soo much!!!
heart kamu juga!!


May Allah Bless~

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i need my family~

sungguh laa duet tu bukan segala2 nya~
previous post nina wat 22 list of the stuff yg nina really nak~
but right now, 
all i need is my family..
that would be the sum of all the 22 things on my wishlist right now~

i just wanna go home now..
i want my dad..
i want my mom..
i want my bro..
n i want my kid sister..
i just want to see their faces~

i heard of so many sad news lately..
today my friend's grandmother just passed away,
yesterday there was another sad news..

oh Allah,
plis allow nina to see her family~
especially on this friday~
coz there's nothing that nina wants most except to be with them~
May Allah Bless~

saya sangat mencintai mereka sepertimana saya cintakan diri saya~

mode: badly homesick~~

Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 wishlist~ =)

6 days till the D-day~
nina's very own wishlist~

22. hubby-to-be~ *wink*

dear Allah,
i pray U will grant all my wishes =)
May Allah Bless~~~

Nina's hopes and dreams in reaching 22nd year of her life:
1. a better servant
2. much solehah daughter
3. better sister to her siblings~
4. better family members
5. better student~
6. greater friend~
7. able to accept critics with an open heart~
8. much more patient in any situation *wink*
9. able to control anger better
10. be a more positive thinker~
11. able to inspire people even with the smallest deed~
12. be focus in life~
13. work harder, pray harder~
14. avoid doing all those lagho stuff~ *have to try HARD!*
15. improve communication skills~
16. gain better general knowledge!
17. recite the Quran frequently everyday!
18. smile all the time! even when u're sad~
19. stop being a crybaby and think of solutions rather than crying!
20. think of the consequences before saying something bad!
21. be a better cook!!
22. be ready to be a good and honor wife~

Nina wants to be a better person~
oh Allah, plis guide nina~
May Allah Bless

Saturday, December 11, 2010


dearest sister fatin,
happy birthday dear~
May Allah grant all your dua and His blessings every second of your life~

dearest sys,
thank you so much for all the time spent~
thank you very much for all the laughters~
each time i see your face, all i can see is happiness~
thank you for those happiness~

heart kamu sgt2~
May Allah Bless~
sisters here and hereafter
May Allah Bless~

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

duniawi or ukhrawi or both?

ade sorg hamba Allah ni pernah ckp kat nina:
"nina belajar ilmu accounting, ilmu duniawi je, sy belajar ilmu2 agama"

then, nina terfikir, 
klau belajar ilmu accounting, engineering, medic tu bukan tuk ukhrawi gak ke?
bukan ke ilmu Allah tu luas?
sume bende yg kte belajar ni akan ditanya nnti,

klau belajar ilmu selain usuluddin, fikh, dll,
xsemestinye kte xleh cari ilmu tu sendiri..

even Nabi pon wat business mase mude,
so, bidang nina amek ni da sebahagian sunnah nabi gak..
nabi pon menggalak an umatnya wat business..

ape pon bidang yg amek, 
kn laa lillahitaa'la..
br berkat..

mggu lepas msuk class Islamic Accounting,
mam ade kongsi sepotong ayat Quran,
Al-Baqarah, ayat 282,
fokus ayat tu pd urusan jual-beli,
cane nk rekod urusan jual-beli,
ethics dlm jual beli,
and much more..

mase 1st class Accounting waktu Foundation,
bende pertama skali belajar,
ikut buku2 accounting,
journal entry was discovered by Luca Pacioli a.k.a bapa accounting pd thn 1400+,

but in the Quran,
journal entry da lame wujud sjak thn 600+ lg..

sungguh laa nina tatau~
tq maam sbb share such meaningful knowledge ngan nina~

bak kate mam: awak berada di dalam bidang yang diredhai Allah~

May Allah Bless~