Saturday, June 26, 2010

status: unemployed

my internship has officially ended yesterday.
i made through the 25 weeks~
i've met great people throughout the journey,
i've experienced so many emotions~
most important thing, i've learned so many things i never could imagined.
i'm blessed to have a good place to work,
good people to work with,
good experience to cherish it for the rest of my life~

there were only uniten interns that were released yesterday~
nina, nabihah, atika, haziq, aizat, fathin, sharmini n sharmila.
the rest of the batch mates will end theirs on 30th june.

we took photos with almost everyone we know in the firm =)
yeah, uniten peeps like cameras~
it's a fact! haha

thanks very much to eton, sufian, khairi, nur, amirul, imran n shazali,
who spent a few moments to join us for photo sessions.~
we really gonna missed u guys..~
just hang on for another 3 days~

shazali + imran + nina + atika

part of the pwc peeps~

cafe @ 15th~

not in picture: sharmila + sharmini

sufian, fathin, shazali, eton, haziq, aizat, nina, nabihah, atika

off with their heads!

with HR : charlize + kai chien

with kak saba~~

last shot.~ farewell PwC

we went through the good times together
so as the hard times.
i'm blessed to have such good friends~
people come and go,
and that's the beauty of life,
thank you for the friendship,
May Allah Bless~

Friday, June 25, 2010

ade org ltak gambar saye dlm post beliau~

sile g url ini : nadziramdzan's blog

mode: mencari gambar2 lame~

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

do i regret it?

3 days left.
i'm counting days for my internship to end.

i really learned a lot from the 25 weeks experience.
the feeling of working in a big audit firm,
the feeling of struggling for meeting datelines,
the feeling of working very late with team members,
the feeling of being accused by the clients,
the feeling of frustration when you don't understand something,
the feeling of being a rookie,
the true feeling of being an auditor~

got the bitter side of it,
but i will always remember the sweetness of it =)

people keep asking me,
do i regret doing internship at PwC.?
of course NO.!

no matter where you are,
you'll always learn something,
coz, Allah didn't create the world for nothing~!
knowledge is everywhere.
it's just a matter of searching it or not.

No regrets~
May Allah Bless~~
thank you seniors for helping me a lot!
thanks for all the memoirs~
thanks for all the laughters
thanks for all the jokes
thank you very much!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

long lost buddy~

this is my long lost buddy..
the first time i got to know it since i was 2,
the last time i met it, i was 10.
now, i'm met it again.
i need it everywhere i go.
i've become dependent on it.
it sucks~
and it worries me and my parents..
i'm sick alhamdulilah~
Allah still loves me.
plis forgive my wrongdoings and plis pray for me~
May Allah Bless~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

rina's contest =)

1st time nk join contest,
da la contest member sendri!
sgt excited...!

contest ni bgus sbb org bule dpt adiah free! =p
not to mention bule blogshop kat blog rina =)

rase berbaloi pon mencuba sbb rase sgt seronok!

harapan musti la bule menang..
rase2 harapan cam tinggi gak since hadiah byk!

tuk pembaca, sila la kunjungi blog rina
mari join contest ni ramai2..
lg ramai lg seronok!!

May Allah Bless =)

Friday, June 11, 2010

award from balqis athirah!

balqis athirah sent me an award,
and i'm honored to accept it! 
thanks sys!! 

never done this receive-send award thingy.
first ever time to do this
so excited!!!
looks like i've to answer a few questions.
i don't know why!
sape la cipta mende2 ni??
Write 5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award
1. She has a very lovely name - Balqis Athirah
2. she like korean-japanese dramas - i think!
3. she's crazee about chocolate
4. likes cute-cute stuff
5.she's down to earth

Jot down 5 interesting facts about yourself of your hobbies
1. My parents gave me a wonderful name - Amanina Fasihah
2. i laugh a lot
3. and i cry a lot just to get the balance! =p
4. a great kek batik cook =)
5. currently obsessed with Rascal Flatts

Pick your 10 deserving receipients and describe them
1. Bulan - she's a friend of a friend. but i really like to read her posts. =)
2. Nabihah Mazlan - one of my bffs - not bitches forever okay! =p
3. Nadzirah Ramdzan - roomate, housemate, coursemate, bff =)
4. Hairman - Junior yg sengal
5. Azrul Azwar - *** partner to junior yg sengal. haha. sorry beb
6. Romeo - of coz my romeo =)
7. Kak Hannah - one of my kakak yg masuk air 24-7
8. Hajar - a nice friend i just got to know =)
9. Rina - nice lady with superb attitude! =)
10. Gie - wonder lady with powerful spirit!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

thank you friend!

today, saye dpt 1 spesial msg from my dearest fren..
sms tersebut berbunyi:

Dear nina. i sgt thankful n greatful 2 have u as fren.
these 6 mths sgt meaningful..
u'd b wif me time susah n snang.
these 6 mths jgak open my eyes.
how bad i treat u unfairly,
u gve me chocolate n ice cream.
I only gve u sgar n salt.

msg tersebut sgt panjang, x larat nk salin..

tulis ending je..

if later kte gado pun, i tetap akan syg u as fren
if later ikutuk u pun, i tetap syg u
if later i benci u pub, i tetap akan syg u as fren n guidance.
May u always in peace n bless~

terharu gue!
ending mmg xle bla..
ye.. kami emo..
kami bergaduh..
tetapi kami menyayangi satu sama lain~
i really am not the best friend in the world but i tried my best~

kebetulan, dis moning, dga nasihat Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah:
nk dapat kawan yg baik, de 4 care:
1. Doakan kawan
2. Maafkan kawan
3. Berbuat baik ngn kawan
4. Ceriakan hati kawan

I'll try ma best to be a good friend in order to get good friends!
May Allah Bless my friends~
Sungguh, saya amat mencintai sahabat2 saya~
Ku mahu sahabat di sini dan di sana~ abadan abada~