Tuesday, June 12, 2012

after 6 months NOT abandoning Ms. Heelaca

It's been half a year since I updated the blog.
I got sooo many stories to share but I keep on procrastinating posting the stories.
Sorry Ms. Heelaca.
Even the chatbox has expired..

Here a few things going on in my life..

I celebrated my 1st year anniversary as an employee on 1st June 2012.
Time sure flies.
Throughout the year, I learned a lot.
Previously, I don't even know how Internal Audit works.
During Uni time, I hated IA subject.
Honestly speaking.

When I got to know I was stationed in Group Internal Audit Department (GIAD),
I tried my best to see every little thing will give positive impact to me.
The more I hate IA, the more I'm starting to love it.

I got great bosses, my IM is super nice, team members are such a help.
We're the only unit in GIA that consist of ALL GIRLS!
Right on!
Girl power, yaww!!

I'm hoping to learn more in TNB.
Good Luck to me then! ^^

 31.05.2012 is the 366th day in TNB! yeay!

 We celebrated Aiman's 20th Birthday on 2nd June. What a coincidence!

 She's wearing braces now. Looks like a nerd! haha.. but she's starting to give BIG SMILE each time she smile! that's great!

Mum & Dad --> First time on Dais after 28 years of marriage!
They never been on dais when they got married.
When they were given the opportunity --> AFTER 28 YEARS LATER, 
they surely gave a HUGE SMILE in front of the camera! ^^

 I went on training from 4-8th June.
I was the only non-engineer on the table.
But It's good though.
They way engineers think are quite different from us accountants.
I surely learned the point of view from technical people.
It's all about PRACTICALITY!
Cost sometimes is the LAST thing they think of.

I got bored.
Boring stuff they taught.

 On saturday, I got my sudden asthma attack at night.
I was panting for air alone.
Plus, both my inhalers had expired.
That's just great!
On sunday, got myself a inhaler!
On monday, I bought myself Baskin Robbin ice cream!
Good cure for asthmatic people like me ^^

Then at night, I suffered non-stop coughing.
Thanks to the ice cream!
Mom gave me Lingzhi (look up) before going to the clinic!

Oh yeah.
Current best buddy.
Hopefully not forever.

Got myself a medical leave for today!
But sitting at home, alone, so called resting is so boring.
I need to get back to work!
Cant wait for tomorrow!

All is well right now.
I am blessed.

May Allah Bless~