Saturday, April 4, 2009

nina the mr. magoo

umah pnuh ngan habuk2..
manyak stress~

g shah alam today to see my hunny <3>siap mkn laksa penang mama masak..!

went to sunway piramid with nadz n azim..
nk carik kasot n bag..
da lame woo x shoppin..
too bad my mom x dpt join..
da lame x kua ngan mak..

usually nadz drive klau kua kat s.a..
but today, nina jd driver..

smpi2 pyramid,
gn touch n go..
technology rocks!
ati manyak2 sng!!

spent bout 1 hr++ tgk brg2 n bli2 brg..
tgk kdai punye la byk..
mak ai..
2 ari pon x ckp nk bes pusing2!
jarang tol shopping scepat tu..

tgk, belek, try n bli..
rekod tol..!
pas da pnat pusing2.. its time to go home~

dlm kete, stat carik2 touch n go coz nk byr time kua kang..
guess what?
my tng HILANG..!
i repeat..

i tatau la mende tu g mane...
cane laa bule ilang..!

i laughed, nadz panicked, azim maintained his coolness..
try cari2 bwh seat..
mmg sah tade..

nadz: weyh.. cane bole ilang? u ltak mane td?
nina: i tatau.. dlm kete.. yg pasti, x ltak dlm bag or purse!
nadz: nak wat cane nih..?!!
nina: dok cni jela.. da x dpt kua.. ha-ha-+++++++++++
nadz: byk la ko nk dok cni..! sebek kte plan nk grak awl.. kte g entrance, mek tiket jela..!
nina: bule ke? u wat.. i tggu dlm kete..!
nadz: azim, teman akak jap..
azim: ko g je a.. weyh.. de kamera kot.. mane bole mek!
nina: ak a kn.. klau ko bwk beskal ke bole a gak nk disguise..! haha
nadz: nk wat cane ni...???? --> lawak tol tgk nadz panik!!
nina: kte jumpe officer parking kat bwh jela...

nina n nadz x jumpe2 information counter.. adoi je.. patu nmpk de telefon.. cam helpline nye kot.. angkat2 de org jwb..

nina: saye msuk gn tng, ble kua, somehow, my tng ilang..! cane nk wat eyh?
org info: dtg kat information counter bole?
nina: info counter katne??
org info: cik.. i can see u from here.. nmpk x puma sblah kanan? clinique kat dpn.. jln terus je..
nina: haa? errm.. wokay2.. (dlm hati cam rase kn spy jek!)

pas berjaye jumpe information counter, org info tu suro g parking office lak.. adoi je.. nek atas la, belok kiri la, atas lagi, then belok lagi.. too many directions..!!!! pas pusing2 byk kali, finally jumpe gak parking office tu terceruk kat lua.. adoi je la... org tu pon heran, cane laa bule ilang tough n go..? haih.. org tu tlg isi an borang penalty.. siap mek ic lagik.. cam nk wat report polis..! nk mek keping kad pon kn isi borang... haih.. finally, slesai laa.. kn byr RM 20 penalty.. pastu, bule baliks..!

dlm kete...

nadz: ni betul2 clumsy ni.... haha
nina: yeah.. btol terserlah keclumsyan nina dis time.. haih.. remind me to take the ticket next time.! no more tng for me..!

kakak yg tlg isi borang..~

muke nadz yg ngantuks + pnat..!

muke pesalah yg kn sign surat penalty!

saved..! alhamdulilah~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

deep thoughts

dok umah da 2 ari..
sgt2 hapi..
true, there's no place like home..
mode = blessed =}

been reading some books at home..
made me think really deep bout myself..
i read 1 love novel..
its like a fairy tale i guess..

well, life aint like dat..
i always think what kind of guy who will be my husband?
interesting topic huh?
funny thing is, i dreamt i was married to one guy..
its really a nightmare..!
blame myself for forgetting to read some doa's before i slept...! *doink*

anyways, i really do believe what The Almighty has planned for me..
i really do believe that one day i'll meet the one..
maybe not now, but one day for sure.. =)

i hold on tight what Allah had said..
surah an-nur:26

“Wanita-wanita yang keji adalah untuk laki-laki yang keji, dan laki-laki yang keji adalah buat wanita-wanita yang keji (pula), dan wanita-wanita yang baik adalah untuk laki-laki yang baik dan laki-laki yang baik adalah untuk wanita-wanita yang baik (pula).”

i got some frens around me who planned to get married..
at 19-20 y.o they planned to settle down..
man.. thats young..
well... different people has different level of maturity i guess..
Allah had it all planned out since the beginning..
we just cant reject fate..
to my frens who had already gained the title 'MRS.' - GOOD LUCK!!
May Allah blessed your marriage will happiness and full with endless love everyday =)

at times, deep down i really do feel envy to see peers have their own partners..
well.. when to think again..
do i really want a partner like they have..?
i mean, u have to talk to, meet, eat and walk together with the person everyday..
but i think when we share something between a husband n a boyfriend, it'll be 2 different situations..

love the song n lyrics;

listen as your day unfolds
challenge what the future holds
try and keep your head up to the sky
lovers, they may cause you tears

go ahead release your fears
stand up and be counted
don't be ashamed to cry
you gotta be
you gotta be bad, you gotta be bold
you gotta be wiser
you gotta be hard, you gotta be tough
you gotta be stronger
you gotta be cool, you gotta be calm
you gotta stay together
all i know, all i know,
love will save the day..

(you gotta be-des'ree)

for now n forever, Allah's love is enough for me =)

i do pray i'll meet someone who will just accept me the way i am..
love me for the way i was created..
lead me to a better life..
insya Allah..=)

mode = waiting~