Tuesday, September 29, 2009


mode: afraid to try something new.
the fear of rejection is so high, it's nearly impossible to move on~
intervening into new commitment means reminiscing all the past memoirs~
creating new ones are not as easy as forgetting the olds.
i just can't handle that kind of things again.
at least not now~
.do understand my situation.
have i become too fragile?
i'm happy in my own world~
that what matters =)
i just know He is always watching over me.
.no regrets.

Friday, September 11, 2009

hatiku kini..

sumtimes hati ini sayu,
sumtimes hati ini gumbira,
sumtimes hati ini cemburu,
sumtimes hati ini tamak..

only Allah knows..
fake it till you make it..
may Allah bless

Saturday, September 5, 2009

first timer to terengganu =)

heading back to Dungun~

3 gadis~

haha.. tudung burok!

050909 (Saturday)

Dear Diary,
0800-1200 ME class + ME presentation (income distribution in Malaysia)
1235-picked up alyea+bha+nana
1258-head to Kuantan
1535-head to Dungun (pantai) ~masyuuk~
1800-Bazaar Paka (Nasi Dagang+Akok) *heaven*
1838-Cik Ngah's place in Paka
1913-break fast in Cik Ngah's (byk gile mknan!)
2330-Nasi dagang!! nyum~
0000-kenyang bangat!

kueh akok kegemaranku~

1st time tgk nasi dagang dalam daun

buka at cik ngah's (i ate a lot k?)

gambar manyak kicik!