Saturday, October 20, 2012

Only Love Can Save A Wounded Heart


Just when you feel that the world is against you.
Just when you feel that you are alone,
Just when you feel that your imaan is really being tested,
Allah will save you.

Really He will.
Allah breaks our heart to save our souls.
He gives us pain because He loves us.
He tests us with things that we think that we can't handle.
But He is Al-'Alim.
He knows everything that is really best for us.

Kamu diwajibkan berperang (untuk menentang pencerobohan), sedang peperangan itu ialah perkara yang kamu benci dan boleh jadi kamu benci kepada sesuatu padahal ia baik bagi kamu, dan boleh jadi kamu suka kepada sesuatu padahal ia buruk bagi kamu. Dan (ingatlah), Allah jualah Yang Mengetahui (semuanya itu), sedang kamu tidak mengetahuinya.

I keep on reminding people around me about the above Aayah whenever they seek my advice each time they faced difficulties in life.
I guess I need to be reminded myself.
Allah gave me a test which I can really relate to the Aayah above.

It's really true that when you are being tested, you are actually really closed to Him.
Simply because He is paying extra attention to you right now! Lucky you!

If you feel you are alone, you are so wrong!
You have His love.
Love Him above all and you will be healed.

Allah loves me that He had granted me the best parent and family I could have asked for.
Allah loves me that He had granted me supportive friends around me.
Allah loves me that He tested me at the same time He is teaching me to be strong.
I love Allah.

Do you know that a person is very lucky to have living parent?
Parent's du'as can save you from bad things that might happened to you.
That is the special gift that Allah had given to parents.
Alhamdulillah I have great parent whom keep on praying the best for me Here and Hereafter.
At the point that I feel lost to choose a road, my parent's du'as had saved me.
I believe in Allah's plan and I am being Husnuzon towards Him.

I really am lucky to have supportive friends around me.
Real friends will say the truth even when it may hurt you.
Truth hurts but lie hurt even more.
Real friends will never leave you when you are alone.
Thanks friends!

A special sister of mine just uploaded a V-blog and made me teary.
Who says Jihad is easy?
Do watch her video because insya Allah it will benefit us all.

I feel peace now.

Allah did not promise that the route to Jannah would be easy.
But He did promise that Jannah is sweet.

Allah did not promise that life would be smooth as we wished for,
But He did promise to grant all our wishes.
If He did not grant them now, He will grant us with a better rahmah.

Allah did not promise that our imaan will not be tested.
But He tests us to make us stronger.

May Allah bless~

Monday, October 1, 2012


i need some serious writings to do.
got to make the my statistics for my posts rise!

this time, i'm writing about something about hope.
well, i think i should know about hope.

amanina means "our hope"
sounds so positive right? hahaha
but try talk about pressure.!
imagine me carrying all those hopes.
so many expectations to meet.
tough job huh?
tell me about it!

i guess having a name that carries so much value kinda give advantages to you.
it makes you an optimistic person.
all the time!

sometimes hope can hurt you though.
very hard indeed.
at times that you may think hope can save your life,
it kills you instead.
or worse, it kills you slowly.

people might think that if hope can be so hurtful, then why do we need it so much?
well duhh..
hope is keeping you breathing right now.

Allah is the Most Gracious Hope-Giver.
Without His hope, we are lifeless.
Say alhamdulillah and be thankful for the hope.

one mutawwif once told me,
whenever He gives you a rahmat or anything good,
and if u say "alhamdulillah" 3 times,
the angels will pray for more rahmat for you.
wouldn't you want that?

alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah :)

sometimes you might not like the hope that you're given.
but as long as it's enough for you to continue living,
i guess it'll do just fine for the time being.

my friend always say, Love will grow.
She even used that phrase as her theme/tagline for the wedding.
as for me, Hope will grow.

i'm learning to see things differently now.
i learn that hope is not something you just can wait for it to come,
you need to put some effort and find it yourself.

and when you've found even a slightest hope,
grab it, hold on to it tightly.
coz you might not find the same hope elsewhere.

for all you know, the future is uncertain.
you just can't promise anything.
is a promise a part of hope?

what if things doesn't turn the way you want them to be?
people would normally blame those promises that have been broken.
is it fair then?
to rely on something in the beginning and blaming it at the end.

well, people.
stop blaming and start looking for new hopes.
Allah is with us.
ask Him anything,
request anything that you want.
You'll be granted.

"Dan apabila hamba-hambaKu bertanya kepadamu mengenai Aku maka (beritahu kepada mereka): sesungguhnya Aku (Allah) sentiasa hampir (kepada mereka); Aku perkenankan permohonan orang yang berdoa apabila ia berdoa kepadaKu. Maka hendaklah mereka menyahut seruanku (dengan mematuhi perintahKu), dan hendaklah mereka beriman kepadaKu supaya mereka menjadi baik serta betul.(Al-Baqarah Ayat 186)

At times when you feel lost,
find Him.
be close to Him.
love Him above all.
because hope is with Him.
be better.
pray hard.
and you'll never lose that hope.
Insya Allah :)

i may feel like the hope in front of me might not to my liking,
but who am I to question the hope that I'm getting, right?
hikmah or blessings are His secrets.
I'm praying for the best.
I know He is saving the blessings for me to find out.

Don't despair coz hope is everywhere.
May Allah bless~