Saturday, January 30, 2010

status: penat berintern~

ku yg mmg maken tade life~
12 jam keje as an auditor..
br je sbln..
ive got 5 blns to go~~

so far okie laa keje
penat x tipu tp best sbb byk blaja
dpt senior yg org ckp garang tp dpn dak2 intern, sgt baek!
hopefully die x tunjuk belang die while im in his team!

client pon bese je
de yg bes
de yg kerek
de yg grg nk mampos
de yg tamo cooperate
ku saket jiwe klau kn deal ngn org2 kereks cmtu~

seriously, at this moment,

i really miss studying..~
i miss going to the class
i miss waking up late
i miss struggling for quizzes, finals~
i miss my friends~
so much~

yesterday was fara's birthday
sorry dear..
can't celebrate with u this year..
forgive me for being such a bad friend~
hope u'll have a happy2 life..
i really care about you dear~
i don't blame your for hating me.
im sorry~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

mls hupdate~

261209- post moterm JI09 (IIM)

xlarat nk tulis pjg2..~

org2 yg teruja ngan meeting~

sama tp bukan kembar??

mkn2 afta meeting~

azrul azwar = wawa~

lunch at kampung pandan~



i got almost everything on my wishlist..
20/21 wishes.. best an?
im truly blessed to have greatest family..
im extremely blessed to have best-est friends~
May Allah Bless

p/s: NABIHAH MAZLAN is already here in KL..