Saturday, February 20, 2010

things about AUDITING!

some say auditing is a stupid job,
some say auditing is a tedious job,
some say auditing is double work job.
some say auditing is for people who is very patient,
some say auditing is a 'no-life' job,
some say the salary for auditing is not as equal to the job done,
some say auditing is not a healthy job,


i say, auditing is for people who is brilliant enough to check other people's work,
i say, auditing teaches me to be patient when handling those vouching works.,
i say auditing is to ensure the precision of a job,
i am not a patient person, yet i can do auditing!
i say, there is no such 'no-life' term in my life,
coz its just like an opportunity cost, i loose some, i'll gain more! =)
i say, its normal to start with the low salary and tonnes of work!
i say, healthy or not, it depends on each individual to take care of oneself~

auditing can be tedious
auditing can be boring,
auditing can take a lot of time,
auditing needs a lot of sacrifices,
auditing sometimes can be 'bengong'

i'm blessed~
i'm amongst the lucky ones who can do this stream~
May Allah Bless,

dear friends who are doing auditing,
be patient!
coz that's the only way you can hang on!

Monday, February 1, 2010

great day = greatest memories

went out with the girls
went to one utama
ate at seoul garden
great time
laughed so hard
i laughed so hard that my head hurts~ haha
guess i haven't laugh that hard for a very long time
good thing my laugh box is still working~!
greatest time ever

me + them @ seoul garden

cake for farah idayu~

1st time went bowling with them~

nadz sengat + bha sengal + fara oyen~

last score:
nina: 77
nadz: 76 *ha-ha*
bha: 46 -> not bad for first timer!
zaf: 80 -> winner for the 1st game!
fara: 78 -> really close on winning~

nadz -> hard to face losing! haha

accidental meeting..? or not? *wink*


kerol is still the same ole kerol~

hope this wont be the last pic of us!

from the bottom of my heart,
i love you, nadzirah ramdzan
i love you, nabihah mazlan
i love you, zafirah rosand
i love you farah idayu!

thanks for being my bffs~