Thursday, April 15, 2010

1 mei~

sgt busy working lately~
cafe world terbiar,
ikan2 fishville mati
ikan2 happy aquarium pening2~


today da 15th april,
lg 16 hari nk 1 mei~

dlu kecik2 rase best sbb cuti free,

skang rase super duper best coz i can really rest on that day~
i'm an employee and i get free one day holiday on labor day!!

latest client sgt dekat kat umah.. =)
like 5 km je~
purposely bwk kete lmbt2 g keje~

client sgt efficient~
blk awal gler..
by 6pm da lesap,
so, automatically ktorg pon bule balek awal!

client's office is soo laa scary..
ala2 hospital!
gelap, suram je~


oh june,
dtg la cepat~

ku menanti dengan penuh harapan~