Friday, February 27, 2009

sebulan tak balek..!

mggu ni genap la 4 minggu x balek rumah..! hooyeh..! rekod baru..! nina's growing up la bebeh..! =) x nafi la, sgt2 homesick.... rindu sume2 org..! life must go on gak an?

mggu ni believe-it-or-not nina msuk KSM..! i repeat, KSM..! karnival sukan mahasiswa..! haha.. dlu2 nina + sports x pernah boleh dijadikan equation yg bek.. haha.. now, everything's change..! i owe big time to nadz, zaf n fara.. they've been patiently pushing me to sweat sejak foundation..! thanks gle kat korang..! i lap u guys..! =x

nina join bola tampar.. bola tampar kn x byk sgt gerak2, so ok la kot for a start.. ptg2 men ngan nana, ika, faten, nad, ana, wawa, miza, tasha, sara.. best2.. though im not much a talker.. yela, org baru kn? =P

pakcik satar (coach) byk sgt2 tlg.. byk kali gak a kn fire ngan pkck but who cares? learning mmg ssah kn? its part of the life... LIVE WITH IT.. but mind u, rookie will not always be a rookie..! tol ak? now, da nmpk ruang nk involve bola tampar.. pkck pon willingly nk aja ble2.. so, best sgt2.. thank you GOD for giving this chance to nina.. =)

sumtime mmg sgt2 la saket ati, perasaan, jiwa, raga, telinge ble men asek kn tiaw je.. but klau da x reti tu, wat la care x reti.. tol ak? haha.. housemates were very2 supporative.. thanks guys.. rase ssah nk blaja men volley ni kdg2 rase nk quit.. tp, watpe quit mende yg kte lom fully accomplish.. =)

dlu2 mase mude2 blaja piano, mase mek exam kn mek ngan wakil ABRSM.. sume org putih.. kte dok dlm bilek berdua ngan die, men la pinano tu smpi bes.. rase cuak tiap2 taun mek exam sensorg tu sikit pon x lawan rase cuak blaja volley.. especially ble msuk court men.. haha.. pelik kn? i guess im used to be alone rather than work in a team.. i forget how to communicate n work in a team... haha.. so, i'll take dis opportunity men volley ni to practice my softskill gak nk interact ngan teamates..

trying my best to be positive as possible... i hope i can think this world is so rosy... filled with happiness all the time.. =) nina loves learning ~

Friday, February 13, 2009

trying hard..

cramp week..
trying hard to cope with all the situations..
somehow my heart is not here...

alone again..
nadz went home yesterday..
alone again..

sumtimes, i feel very close to you..
i need you..
but there are times when i feel we're far..
so far, that i hardly know you..

weird week...
packed with classes + tests + exams..

i want more in this life..
but i know sometimes what i want i don't necessarily get it..
its okay..
im trying to learn to live with imperfect things.. =)

lost in her own world~

Monday, February 9, 2009

true colors..

can u distinguish between

'i want a friend' n 'i need a friend'?

sumone once told me to value sumone precious, u need that person, not u want him..

my question to you is, where do u stand now?

have your principles changed?

now, i really know the real you...

thank you

Sunday, February 8, 2009


dear sumone..

plis learn to stop taking and start giving..!

you're hurting me without you knowing it..!

i tot u know me inside out, but then again, i guess not..