Monday, May 25, 2009

reminiscing the old memoirs~

Went to the old house in Manchester with abg..
Met abg in front of kak peah's place then took the bus to cheetham hill..
Bellott Street, one of the place where our childhood begun..
While walking with abg, n listening to abg's stories, my mind began reminiscing the past~
Thinking this is the place where i used to play with abg, aiman, syaza n ahmad..
This is the place where I walked to school with abg n greet the lollipop lady every morning..
It wasn't a long visit.. It was a short n meaningful visit..
Somehow, inside me, I feel sad..
I don't know why, I guess I really missed the ole days~

we used to play the rollerskates at the small park besides our house

us again <3

mum loves taking our pics! ngee~ (our house as the background)

this is the same park after 14 years! too bad aiman wasn't there with us..

this is our old house after 14 years~ (but it's much2 better than it was used to be)

the same ole church nearby ( It used to feel goosebumps everythime I passed by the church n I still think it's haunted!)