Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i am wat i am ~

erm... wat goes around cums around rite?? its time 4 me 2 go down.. enuf of laughs.. its time 2 cry.. 'ce que tu dons tu laura' wat u giv u get bak... hukhukhuk... hpe im strong enuf..

m lucky 2 hav my swithearts who were dere wen i need dem o even wen i dun need dem.. hehe.. nadz, fara, zaf luv ya lots...


Anonymous said...

hey ive been meaning to ask drpd aritu lagi...why are u seem so obsessed with karma eh?
i hate and a a fren once vowed,if karma is a person,we wud wana stab him.
we have done some things that we were not proud of in the past,and those things seems to chase back to us now. THAT, is the karma we hate.
rase mcm kena balas balik je...heh.
actually,other than your grammar...(ehem)i have ALOT of other things i feel like commenting on your blog.

but i dont know will i have time for if i dont,i'll just start and end with this.

I think you are amazing.
im very very happy to have had u as my uniten partner,kalau org lain i may not be as happy as i was there.of course,it sucks that i tetiba dpt timb lagi...but other that that,it was great:)
oh btw,i have a crush on u.
its the second time now...loser betol.but its nothing la,dun worry:p
just hope we can stay friends
yours truly,

.h.o.p.e. said...

thanx AD... ure so la english teache.. owe u a lot..! hehe.. next time, if i wana write sumtin, i'll make sure u screen it first okay..??