Monday, June 30, 2008

.shell.sife national.

emm.. on 20th june, sife uniten participated the shell betterworld competition 2008.. we got 3rd place.. utp won 1st place n uthm got 2nd.. we did our besh.. we rily enjoyed ourselves... we did not get proper sleep for about a month.. it was a rily good experience... glad i'm in the team.. putri and botak were the speakers.. they did awesome job..! congrats to all of us..! yay for uniten.!


rina + nina


speakers - bots and put

q&a session: esah.bots.puts.didi.suresh.maru

on 23rd and 24th june ade sife national competition 2008.. we got 3rd.. this is our 2nd strike.. for six years we got 2nd place.. em.. but hey, 3 is bigger than 1 and 2 right?? inside every one of us, we felt like there was something eating us from inside.. we were so down.. but, everything that happens, there are always reasons for that.. we had great time.. we got great team members.. we shared laughs, tears, stresses.. everything we did it together.. we ate together, we slept together and we even cried together.. you cant find any other teams better than what we had.. love you guys forever.. SIFE UNITEN 2008~


report team



1 family eternally

1 team 1 voice~


rini.kak aja.shahril.miza.mun.adah.nina.nuar


ark said...

wuu..smart2 gamba dier.

Anonymous said...

gamba techys,speakers style..
report team....huhu...

.h.o.p.e. said...

hehe.. masey2... ske2..