Tuesday, October 21, 2008

buzzy nina..

ari ni ari yg sgt2 la pnat..
pas klas kn setel props org asli..
x ckp surat a...
kn g print len a..

these are all the prices ive to bear for being such a procrastinator...!
lucky me..~

ngah lari2 nk mtk signature advisor, tetibe notice specs ilang..
mmg patah trok a..
what a day la..

in the end of the day,
i manage to siap my props, surat2 n all (yay!)
i broke my dear specs :'(

i so la need to buang kn perangai mr bean in me..!

m still upset bout my specs..................... X(
next week is my final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
imagine studyin without my specs..?!
uhuk..uhuk... need my mom rite now..
need my bro gaks..

abg.. i so la miss you so much..
call me when ure free...

i just need sumone to comfort me rite now~

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hurm..clumsiness is a part of life..lol..just go with the flow..u'll b alryte....