Thursday, March 19, 2009

someone noticed me..?

dulu2, critics n nina wasnt so good..
i hate people comment on me..
i felt that they really bugged me a lot..
stay out of my business..

but things changed..
people do change with time..

i just received two new 'borang aduan' from someone..
reality hurts..!

i did cried a bit last night..
i cant sleep..
all those words just spinning inside my head..

nadz noticed i cried..

i told my housemates bout the 'aduan'..
they were shocked..

somehow they felt very angry..
then, comes fara..

with her 'blurry' face,
she always did something that she is good at doing it,
she made me smile..

fara made some jokes, with nadz n angah..
i laughed..
i'm okay now..

thanks guys..

i learn something last night..

1. its really good to share your tears with your friends...
2. when people critisize you, it means that the person noticed you...
3. there are people who cares bout you without you realizing it..

no matter how much i hate reality sometimes, i just have to face it with an open heart..
i'm okay..
nina's grown up =)

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