Wednesday, August 11, 2010

if i am..

if i'm hurting you,
please hurt me like i did it to you.

if i'm ignoring you,
please ignore me like i did it to you.

if i'm treating you unfairly,
please treat me the same way i treated you.

if i'm making you smile even though only for a second,
please make me smile only for a second.

if i'm keeping on making you sad,
please leave me coz i don't think i deserve you.

why didn't you ever tell me in the face that u're hurt?
i hate the feeling i'm having now
coz its killing me inside~


zulfarid said...

i can't tell u..
or do those things to u..

because i'm afraid of losing u..

i don't ever want u to feel sad..
i don't want u to cry just because of me..

i'm sorry if i'm hurting u..
i'm not that perfect..

orezeo said...

omg nina!!!u r really inluv!!! ;p

.h.o.p.e. said...