Wednesday, March 30, 2011

da tahap kira jam da ni..

exam mode is nearly over..
holiday mode is coming soon~ hoyeah~
every single sweat in uniten is finally worth it..

Allah granted nina her wishes, alhamdulillah..
before going to muadzam,
nina really prayed that Allah will grant nina friends that will accept nina as the way nina is..
and Allah granted that du'a..

university is the place where you learn a lot of stuff..
i mean, A LOT!
i lost something, i gained something~
it's a fair game~

learnt to be patience -- yeah, it's hard to believe!! haha..
learnt to give and take~
learnt the meaning for friends are my family~
learnt to be mature in every way~

i'm blessed..
it's counting hours time~
my heart is pumping hard~
everybody is busy packing,
some even had gone home,
i still have 1 paper left..~

everyone is starting leaving muadzam..
leaving for good~
i always wonder, what happened after this..?
will i be missing muadzam..?

heck yeah..~
the foods, friends and definitely the student life..~
everyone is busy taking pics now~

during my second last paper and their's last paper~~

got to know the YTN peeps~ yeah, we come in small numbers but we give big impact to everyone!  =))

pics, pics and more pics~

mls nk attach byk pics..

may Allah bless~


chantek said...

miss u guys so much....

Hairman said...

dh grad -> tua