Wednesday, October 26, 2011


i see lots of my friends are stepping to marrige-hood..
i can't be more happy than seing them happy..
inside of me, it just suddenly click to my mind,
when will my time comes?
will i be ready then?
i mean, it's a big thing for a lady.
my jannah lies under is no longer lies under my parents feet.
the responsibility changes.
am i ready for that?
besides thinking too much bout my readiness, i just hope that the time will call me as soon as possible.
nikah and marriage complete a man's imaan right?
it will lessen the sins and syaitan wont be between us anymore..
wedding is not about spending ur money on unnecessary things.
what matters is the nikah ceremony.
if you could just understand from the point of view of a girl.
may Allah bless.
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farah nadzirah said...

sometimes kita rasa mcm kita tak ready Allah always known us better...Dia tahu bila kita da ready...=) mcm fara, fara rasa sgt2 tak ready when he comes and ask me bout marriage...n the best part by that time stil struggle dgn final sem, final project...dia kata kita bertunang..n time fara thh struggle with final exam, final sem on may ari tue, dia kata kita nikah on 23 sept..fara rasa tak ready tp Allah sentiasa bg fara kekuatan utk berdepan dgn wedding preparation yg pastinya the stressfull moment in life, dna baru srat kejenye..hehe .n alhmdulillah dalam rasa tk ready , skang da jd his wife..n know that i'm ready just still lot of things to learn..buth him n but marriage life...Allah always know when is the right time for us dear...n fara doakn ur turn will come real soon dear....

Liquid said...

encik liquid pon x ready, tp tengok2 dah bertunang uhu.

insyaAllah majlis nye thn depan uhu dalam x ready tu ALLAH lebih mengetahui kan =)

.h.o.p.e. said...

thanks a lot fara.. nina doakan fara bahagia dunia akhirat.. semoga dikurniakan zuriat yg soleh soleheh insya Allah..

en liquid,
huu... tahniah ye.. doakanla time sy smpi cepat! :)