Tuesday, December 25, 2012

another blessing year :)


All Praise to Allah

You Bet!

I had a great, wonderful and memorable birthday celebration today!

Turning 24 today!
Getting older and wiser i hope ^^

Had a great day!
This year's birthday was a lot fun since abg is around :)
Dad went to work but joined us for dinner :)

Pictures tell 'em all!

Was scrolling something and found a nice du'a to start my special day

Mom made us her special chicken chop for lunch! Thank omma!!! 

Someone came over and sent me a cake. A HUGE CAKE!

Tadaaa!!! A Rainbow Cake!!!!!!! This was soooo on my wish list! Thanks kamu!

And as expected, MORE RAINBOW!!! *drools*

Mom was excited praying and singing birthday song. 
Okay I overjoyed the most. 
Abg was like "bole rilaks tak?" 
I was like "suka hati laaa" :p
It felt like I was four and mom sang birthday song! 
How time flies~~

Family photo!!!
Dad wasn't around as he went to earn a living for us :p
The theme was Rainbow Madagascar.
Aiman made everyone wore the madagascar scarfs.
Abg the Melmen
Aiman the Alex and
Mommy the Gloria
It was hilarious!!!!

Squeeze all of that fun into one photo!!

Got a Whatssapp message from Abg Azhar and received this picture.
Comel gilos okay!!
Too bad the kittens are open for adoption!
If I'm not an asthmatic patient, I would definitely adopt these little fellas!!!  

Aiman made me smile when she posted a photo of us and wrote nice things for me :)
Thanks sis!
You're the ONLY sis I've got.
Love you till Jannah :)

My lovely NIECES made me cupcakes written HAPPY BIRTHDAY CIK NINA <3 <3 <3 <3
Comel sangat okay!
Pandai anak2 sedara cik nina buat apam :)

Zue from ICC Family posted last year's photo.
Okay my tudung was kinda serabut.
It was 4am in the morning!!!!
I was dozing off when suddenly everyone popped out a cake in front of me!
Thanks Zue!
Thanks ICC-ians!
Can't be any lucky than this :)

My dearest friend Nadzirah Ramdzan posted a really long lost photo of us.
It really touched me.
We had great times together.
Yes we fought. we cried. we hurt each other sometimes.
But we cure every wound with more and more love.
That is the beauty of friendship.
Thanks syg for the wonderful 6 years together.
Spain 2014 perhaps? ;p

18:38 Hrs.
Officially 24 Years Old.
Okay I know,
Gambar Memang Tak Bole Belah.....
Tak kisah laaa..
Setahun belum tentu sekali buat bende ni..
Vanity can be fun sometimes!

Pressies time!!!!
Aiman bought me this cute bag.
She said, please change your laptop bag and use this bag to work.
I wonder how would the reaction of the pak guards looking at me wearing this bag ~.~
Belasah jelaa~~~

Kak Ogy gave me this lovely kain.
I'm so in love with the material.
Kurung modern perhaps? 

Got a special present from someone :)
Best of all, it's purple!
Falling in love with it every second.
I'm naming it PURPLY PODDY!
Cheesy I know.

Dad finally joined us for dinner!
Went for a LOBSTER dinner!
Thank you Allah for the rezeki you have granted to us :)
It was yummy indeed!

Had a really long, wonderful day!
Couldn't ask for more
Coz I think I was blessed A LOT today!
Thank you for the ENDLESS wishes and prayers!
only Allah will pay all of your deeds!
I pray Jannah to all Muslims and happiness to all non-muslims friends and families

I can't choose my parents,
Indeed I've no say in choosing my siblings.
But if I've to choose any of 'em,
I'd choose my family members.

Thank you Allah
for the warm and cosy family

Thank you Allah 
for the wonderful friends

Thank you Allah 
for the delightful rezeki

Thank you Allah 
for every tear You made me shed, You replaced 'em with a brighter and stronger smile on my face

Thank you Allah
for the bittersweet journey which made me a wiser person each day

Thank you Allah
for every breath and let me live as each seconds passed

Thank you Allah
for sending me all kinds of people around me as teachers to guide me the rights and the wrongs

Thank you Allah 
for the great colleagues and bosses which made me feel a part of a family in the office

Thank you Allah 
for granting me people who loved me for WHO I AM and NEVER GIVE UP ON ME

I am not perfect
I have flaws
A lot of 'em

I made sins and making 'em every second
Small ones
Bigger ones too

But He NEVER STOP GIVING ME things that I'd wish for
I'd wish to be a better servant in the past years.

Forgive all my sins, Ya Rabb.
Forgive all my sins, dear family members.
Forgive all my sins, friends.
Forgive all my sins, teachers, neighbours and other people who had met me previously.

I am nothing than a sinner.

Thank you Ya Rabb.
I pray for a better year ahead.
A better musleemah.
A better daughter.
A better sister.
A better cousin.
A better friend.
A better best friend.
A better lover.

Thank you Allah for NOT GIVING UP ON ME.
Ya Rabb, Please grant Jannah to my parents, siblings and other family members.
Ya Rahman, Please grant Jannah to every musleem around me.
Ya Rahim, Please save all my cousins, the mujaheeds all over the world.

I'd pray YOU will be luckier than me.

May Allah bless.


eya said...

your post put tears on me.

happy birthday Nina!

you are indeed a lucky girl

Unknown said...

dear eya..

thanks a lot dear!
may Allah grant ur wishes and if not, i pray u will be rewarded with something better! ^^

TechKini.com said...

Amin. Let's hope for better year in 2013 :)

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