Friday, April 25, 2008

not too late

wats dis pain im feeling..? its cumin from inside.. very deep feeling..~ its hurtful... Oh Allah.. help nina...!

if i've a big magic eraser, i'll delete every single pain memory from my mind.... haha.. GET REAL nina!!! there isn't any!! u felt hurt, u're dissapointed, u're down... SO WAT??!! there's notin wrong wif dat.. so wat if u did any mistakes..? so wat if u didn't get everytin dat u wanted..? its not the end of the world..! remember, Allah noes wats best for u... His Promise...

today kn brainwash ngan my beloved bro... luv u abg..! manyak a die ckp.. br bkak sket otak ni... huhu.. hav 2 do more reading after dis..! huhu.. em.. abg ckp sumtimes, we have to get to the bottom so that we know how to get to the top... its the pain that'll giv u the guts to improve.. we learn from mistakes.. dun eva try to be a perfectionists coz they wont make any mistakes.. n the real mistakes in lyfe are not making one.. be someone who's moderate and not doing too much in everything~ so, dun be afraid to fall, dun be afraid to get hurt coz dat's called LIFE...! its round n when u're at the bottom of it, crawl, climb, walk or run as fast as you can to get to the top again... dis time, u'll be better, stronger insya Allah...

my mistake was i was soo afraid to get hurt, dissapointed that i forgot bout the lyfe cycle... i was created to do mistakes coz im not perfect... no one is.. Insya Allah i can be great in both worlds.. juz hav 2 try bit harder next time.. gettin hurt is juz a small hint to tell me dat Allah luvs me.. Alhamdulilah.. thank you Allah.. there are still rooms for improvements.. n im not too late to join the room.. i'll be better, i'll be stronger insya Allah....

if people stat camparing n talks bout u, juz ignore them.. u know urself better.. plug ur ears n smile... juz remember, if u do sumtin, do it bcoz of HIM, not coz of anyone else.. so, y must u think of other people's thoughts.. how bout His thoughts?? did we think any of dat b4 we do sumtin..?? muhasabah~


IIaktamalayaII said...

miss, tell me one thing..
juz to make myself clear..

up until today, do u hv any kind of twin??
or.... mybe double personality??

coz im keep saying that i noe nina,who always stronger, day by day..

i donno bout the other one.. the weak one..

u dont hv twin rite???
m quite intrsted wif ur twin..
if u hv one..

KhALiF MuJaHiD said...

good yang pertama ;) semoga kita sama2 muhasabah diri untk menjadi yang terbaek,insyaAllah ;)

.h.o.p.e. said...

i dun hav any twins 4 all i noe.. m juz me~ plain nina...

nina-khalif m
thanx yg ptama~