Monday, May 26, 2008

me + leader = disaster..?!

em... juz got bak from rompin.. had sum happily stress moments.. but its okie.. i learned a lot.. i mean a lot...!!! great leaders always make mistakes... its okie.. its a leaning process.. mistakes can be made but can't be repeated..! mistakes are the portal to discovery they said... i guess its true.. i made sum mistakes during d program.. i made stupid decisions n felt stressd all the time.. it was bad for me n the team.. huhu.. hav to think rasionally not emotionally..! luckily ive got my team.. they supported me A LOT n they didnt ditch me, instead they gave me buckets of advices.. thanx didi, thanx shahril, thanx zil, thanx wan, thanx rini, n special thanx to kak nad.. luv em.. thnx 4 not quitting on me...! i tried ma besh, but i'm juz not perfect.. i'll keep on tryin.. life's a journey rite..?

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