Wednesday, May 14, 2008

new side of me..

this olie isn't d olie as i tot it wud be.. its gud.. i find every memory is educational.. live wif it.. huhu.. i've been busy doin sum stuff.. improtant stuff.. huhu.. im not sure whether im now in my self-destructive zone or im at the stage of turning point... geez.. time will tell.. on my mind rite now is only work, work n more work.. have to get a lyfe la.. adoi..

at first, i felt so alone... well, since nadz isn't wif me.. but im not dat alone after all.. Allah is always wif me.. and along the way, i found out i received free advice from all the people around me... its very valueable n its free..! but then, people can encourage, you live your own life... every journey starts with a single step...~Henry Ford once said, either you can or you can't, it's right... so, it's my choice.. i can be quiet and passive.. or i can start being myself again... alhamdulilah i chose the latter.. now, im okay wif my new team... to be a betterman, you cant rely on people.. you must change by your own, only then Allah will guide you..

when you feel down, juz think positive.. He's always there for you.. sumwhere over d rainbow, blue birds fly..~ its mind over matter... the sky is the limit, so dun giv up... dun hav any doubt on ur capabilities.. dat is d worst mistake people can make.. so, always think positive.. anyone can do wonders... juz hav to remember dat...

so, please pray for me.. need support from everyone, anyone...!

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KhALiF MuJaHiD said...

Assalamualaikum,alhamdulillah.. ;) tahniah atas artikel dan kata-kata yang membangkit ;) semoga yang pertama menjadi orang yang sentiasa tabah dalam menghadapi apa jua rintangan yang mendatang,insyaAllah ;D yeps kita tdak boleh selalu bergantung pada orang,sesuatu kaum itu tidak akan berubah selagi mereka tidak berusaha untuk mengubah diri mereka sendiri,semoga artikel ini membantu diri yang pertama dan diri kita semua,insyaAllah ;D

p/s: sory lambat bg komen.. huu~