Tuesday, July 8, 2008

walls to break...

having down moments right now.. emm,.. i do not know why.. it seems i enjoy being alone... hurm... i missed the old me.. hurm.. i see some brick walls i've to get through.. hurm.. hopefully i can break down those walls..

identified walls:
1. mojojojo
2. simpson
3. IBC thingy
4. ppi blog
5. new me..! X)

till again...~


nilaakupunye said...

pfff... bkn maen byk lg dinding???
amende tuh????
yaa2.. i noela character..
in fact, simpson is de best one...!!
homer rules!!!
but walls of homer???
mesti klakar!!
so, y homer??

KhALiF MuJaHiD said...

lek kayh.. sometimes we have a bad time and also a good time.. ;)