Monday, August 11, 2008

Financial Statement of Life

Your birth is your OPENING STOCK,
What comes in you DEBIT,
What goes out you CREDIT,
Your ideas are your ASSETS,
Your views are your LIABILITIES,
Your happiness is your PROFIT,
Your sorrow is your LOSS,
Your soul is your GOODWILL,
Your heart is your FIXED ASSET,
Your duties are your OUTSTANDING EXPENSES,
Your friendship is your Hidden ADJUSTMENT,
Your character is your CAPITAL,
Your knowledge is your INVESTMENT,
Your patience is your INTEREST,
Your mind is your BANK-BALANCE,
Your bad thinking should always be DEPRECIATED,
Your behaviour is your JOURNAL ENTRY,
Your spouse is your JOINT-VENTURE,
Your life is your PARTNER,
Your child is your ADMISSION OF PARTNER,
Your death is your CLOSING STOCK.
thanx to sir taufiq~


Anonymous said...

dis one nice..
hopefully this will make ur life 'balance'...
thax for the 100plus.. :)


.h.o.p.e. said...
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misz balqis said...

huhu...bgos la yg ni..
thx to sir taufiq n kak nina..
baek punye~huhu

.h.o.p.e. said...

thanks sky cracker

Thumbone Arts said...

aww s**t ini budak2 muadzam punye poem in life ke???hahahah