Sunday, August 10, 2008

nina n her biziness.....!!

maken ari maken bizi... td br bes mits ngan org2 iim... pas bes mits mmg sgt2 pnat.. my brain hurts... manyak sgt pikir kot... There is one saying "The brain is like a muscle. When we think well, we feel good. Understanding is a kind of ecstasy".... do i feel good..? hurm.. a bit la.. its a good thing kn?? but do i understand..? err.. no komen.. hehehe...! skang ni asek bizi jek... time nk beskn utk mmbe2 pon tade... diri sendiri..?? huh.. agi a... i need to get a lyfe.... hai la... ive to think positive... see the world through rose-tinted glasses... jgn nk merungut je... bad habit.. kn ubah... next sem's resolution la ubah dis 'merungut2' thingy... skang ni tdoq mmg la x ckp... mate bengkak da... pain.. but no pain no gain kn?? have to study agi... kames ni de midterm corporate finance... hopefully nina can get 100% insya Allah.. tryin to be positive person every second.. m tryin ma besh to control my emo issues... have to learn to relax n dun be so la mcm mr bean everytime de probs....

mase 1st time gi meeting iim, aizat dan bin anuar was elected as the vice pres and jd project manager utk event besar nnti... aizat kept sayin 'why me? why me? why me?'... everytime die ty, nina pon jwb la, its ur turning point... live with it... work on it... tu je la... td ngah tekan2 laptop, tetibe terbace 1 quote ni;
Some people see things as they are and say "Why."
I dream things that never were and say
"Why not."
so aizat, be positive... u got the rest of us.. we got ur back.. dun wori too much.. if u wanna scream, we'll scream wif u.. if u wana cry, we'll cry with you.. if u wanna laugh, we'll laugh with you... be the best leader you can be.. just remember, once a leader, always a leader.... don't give up...if you cant do what you love, try to love what you do...

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misz balqis said...

yup,btol kak nina ckp..
aizat~be positive..
kak nina lak..gudluck 4 ur exam k!
merungut jgn praktik kan lak..haha!nnt cpat tua..hik3