Monday, February 1, 2010

great day = greatest memories

went out with the girls
went to one utama
ate at seoul garden
great time
laughed so hard
i laughed so hard that my head hurts~ haha
guess i haven't laugh that hard for a very long time
good thing my laugh box is still working~!
greatest time ever

me + them @ seoul garden

cake for farah idayu~

1st time went bowling with them~

nadz sengat + bha sengal + fara oyen~

last score:
nina: 77
nadz: 76 *ha-ha*
bha: 46 -> not bad for first timer!
zaf: 80 -> winner for the 1st game!
fara: 78 -> really close on winning~

nadz -> hard to face losing! haha

accidental meeting..? or not? *wink*


kerol is still the same ole kerol~

hope this wont be the last pic of us!

from the bottom of my heart,
i love you, nadzirah ramdzan
i love you, nabihah mazlan
i love you, zafirah rosand
i love you farah idayu!

thanks for being my bffs~


Cik Bee said...

gambar last tak cantek!!hahahha

nadz said...

weyh,saje ek letak pic yg kte tak menang...letak la yg kte menang dpt 100 ++ tu..yg korang tak lbh tu..isk22!!!

Aisya Shurfa said...

HEY! I just commented on your Bellott Street post from last year. I used to live on that exact same street! *high five!*

Oh, and I see you visited One Utama. I currently live just five minutes away from there. Haha! Small world!

.h.o.p.e. said...

cik bee- haha.. sengal.. lawa sbb kte ade k? x lawa sbb ko ade! haha

nadz- pic u mng x nmpk sgt.. sorry la dear.. mmg takdir xleyh ltak gamba dlm blog! haha..

aisyah shurfa- i really like ur name! haha.. thanks for commenting.. maybe we can meet up someday?

Aisya Shurfa said...

Thanks! You're 2 years younger than me... My younger sister's age... Which school did you go to eh?

.h.o.p.e. said...

kat manchester ke?
temple infant school..
my bro was in temple junior school..
he's one year older than me..