Saturday, February 20, 2010

things about AUDITING!

some say auditing is a stupid job,
some say auditing is a tedious job,
some say auditing is double work job.
some say auditing is for people who is very patient,
some say auditing is a 'no-life' job,
some say the salary for auditing is not as equal to the job done,
some say auditing is not a healthy job,


i say, auditing is for people who is brilliant enough to check other people's work,
i say, auditing teaches me to be patient when handling those vouching works.,
i say auditing is to ensure the precision of a job,
i am not a patient person, yet i can do auditing!
i say, there is no such 'no-life' term in my life,
coz its just like an opportunity cost, i loose some, i'll gain more! =)
i say, its normal to start with the low salary and tonnes of work!
i say, healthy or not, it depends on each individual to take care of oneself~

auditing can be tedious
auditing can be boring,
auditing can take a lot of time,
auditing needs a lot of sacrifices,
auditing sometimes can be 'bengong'

i'm blessed~
i'm amongst the lucky ones who can do this stream~
May Allah Bless,

dear friends who are doing auditing,
be patient!
coz that's the only way you can hang on!


Rina (◕‿◕)✿ said...

wah. the job sounds very difficult!
just be strong friend. i know nina can do well. :)

.h.o.p.e. said...

thanks a lot rina!!! =)

nadz said...

vavi gila..tak suka wat audit report!!! sbb aku salu rase org wat acc dh btol,napela nak kne crk salah ag...cerewet keje..bodo.bodo.bodo.hahha.emo ley la pas kat u wat an audit i...hahah..owh lurv 2 wat tax b acc more...much.much.much more snang dr audit!!

amanina fasihah said...

tahu tak ape!!!
da btol2 smpi line x larat da..!
ari2 psycho diri sndri jek!
psychotic aku lelame cani!
u tape a, bule wat akaun, wat tax.. best tu!
imagine a, wat odit 6 bln.. haha

nadz said...

tape,u jadi la oditor...i nak tkar la..nak jad tax-er.gaga!! haha

nabihah said...

kawan2 ku yang bakal jd oditOR dan taxER..
aku lak nak jadi accountER.

hahaha..nina such veri enjoy doing odit.pdhal balik umah sama jek merungut cam aku! hahaha