Saturday, June 26, 2010

status: unemployed

my internship has officially ended yesterday.
i made through the 25 weeks~
i've met great people throughout the journey,
i've experienced so many emotions~
most important thing, i've learned so many things i never could imagined.
i'm blessed to have a good place to work,
good people to work with,
good experience to cherish it for the rest of my life~

there were only uniten interns that were released yesterday~
nina, nabihah, atika, haziq, aizat, fathin, sharmini n sharmila.
the rest of the batch mates will end theirs on 30th june.

we took photos with almost everyone we know in the firm =)
yeah, uniten peeps like cameras~
it's a fact! haha

thanks very much to eton, sufian, khairi, nur, amirul, imran n shazali,
who spent a few moments to join us for photo sessions.~
we really gonna missed u guys..~
just hang on for another 3 days~

shazali + imran + nina + atika

part of the pwc peeps~

cafe @ 15th~

not in picture: sharmila + sharmini

sufian, fathin, shazali, eton, haziq, aizat, nina, nabihah, atika

off with their heads!

with HR : charlize + kai chien

with kak saba~~

last shot.~ farewell PwC

we went through the good times together
so as the hard times.
i'm blessed to have such good friends~
people come and go,
and that's the beauty of life,
thank you for the friendship,
May Allah Bless~


Rina (◕‿◕)✿ said...

yeah atlast. nanti sure rindu balik :)


kilang tempat aku keje ade kosong untuk operator pengeluaran wanita..apply la..haha

.h.o.p.e. said...

rina- huhu.. da mula rindu da pon!! hahahah.. =)

romeo- klau la kilang ngko kat kl.. da lame aku anta resume kat ko! haha

Hamzah Ian said...

aku nak wanita yg boleh basuh kain.. kire kerje la tu kan??