Tuesday, June 22, 2010

do i regret it?

3 days left.
i'm counting days for my internship to end.

i really learned a lot from the 25 weeks experience.
the feeling of working in a big audit firm,
the feeling of struggling for meeting datelines,
the feeling of working very late with team members,
the feeling of being accused by the clients,
the feeling of frustration when you don't understand something,
the feeling of being a rookie,
the true feeling of being an auditor~

got the bitter side of it,
but i will always remember the sweetness of it =)

people keep asking me,
do i regret doing internship at PwC.?
of course NO.!

no matter where you are,
you'll always learn something,
coz, Allah didn't create the world for nothing~!
knowledge is everywhere.
it's just a matter of searching it or not.

No regrets~
May Allah Bless~~
thank you seniors for helping me a lot!
thanks for all the memoirs~
thanks for all the laughters
thanks for all the jokes
thank you very much!


hafiz norazman said...

patut post camni save 4 the last. 3 hr lg kan nina...
haha ^_^

.h.o.p.e. said...

haha.. yeah.. but that's what i feel..

chantek said...

hehe congratz nina...
finally da habes pun practical...
i've been hearing it from atika as well.... the late nites....the auditing job....n many more...
good job! salute!

.h.o.p.e. said...

chantek-haha.. thanks a lot babe! finally abes gak 25 weeks..it was a bitter-sweet experience la.. huhu.. =)