Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i need a weight policeman!

so far da dgr byk feedback 
i'm getting chubby-ier!!
guys, if ure reading this n u think its a small thing,
u're so wrong!
i guess only us girls would understand this kind of situation!

i'm at home for semester holiday
and the foods are a whole lot in the kitchen!
those foods are soo tempting and i couldn't resist them!!!
right now, i'm craving for cheese cakes and ice creams!!
what's happening to me??
i think i'm having "dinasour appetite" disease tight now~

i think i need to hit the gym~
bye2 fat~
pray that i'll commit and don't back out~
haha~ typical me..
May Allah Bless~~


Anonymous said...

pp besar best cubit=p

zulfarid said...

hee..hey kamu..x yah kecikkan la..
dh berapa kali sy ckp..adeh

you're amazing..just the way you are..hee

.h.o.p.e. said...

anonymous- adeeh.. no cubit2 ler... kejam2..~
zulfarid- berat sgt.. lutut xlarat nk bwk bdn besar2.. lutut sakit..

Anonymous said...

bestla..mcam bby kecik, best utk dicubit2=p

Hairman said...

dak gemok!
dak gemok!
dak gemok!
dak gemok!
dak gemok!
dak gemok!
dak gemok!
dak gemok!
dak gemok!
dak gemok!
dak gemok!
dak gemok!
dak gemok!

.h.o.p.e. said...

anonymous- adeeh..~~ (=.=")
hairman- woit2.. cousin kejam!

chantek said...

hahaha same here......
makan je ape yang ade.....
ill bet... the first week je u pegi gym pastu donat la ice cream la waffles la hahahha try ur best...

me failed T _ T

.h.o.p.e. said...

chantek-hahaha... tu la... im craving for sweet foods lately and it cant be stopped!! omg! i think i seriously kn start puasa or something!

Azrul Azwar said...

apekah? asal baru prasan?!!

Anonymous said...

oh.. kamon laa... kcik je hal... come to the real thing nina.. bile rank up gua py level nih!!??

-john akhlaken-

.h.o.p.e. said...

john- kamon laa beb.. trime jela hakikat ure not on the top 7 on my rainbow list!!!

fakhirin said...
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Anonymous said...

dont worry nina..
chubby xbermakna xsehat, slim xbermaksa sehat.
try jgn mkn berat wktu mlm.
gerenti berkurangan la chubby tu(^_^)