Thursday, November 11, 2010

WCOA 2010

World Congress of Accountants 2010
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Best exposure ever~
please log on to:

aim kami: networking
thru goodies + pictures +food~

nina: weh, asal kte dtg sini?
nadz: sbb nk mkn
pineh: nk collect goodies~

missions accomplished

pineh, aku upload kat sini jela..
pepandai ko edit,
pastu tag kat fb.
thanks love!

 ACCA booth


 pineh nk amek gambo ngan omputeh~

pineh again nk amek gambar ngan org 2 warna~~

nadz + pineh 

 kak miza + pineh + aisyah + nadz

 impian pineh tercapai bile dpt bgambo ngan laki2 2 warna yg memakai baju kebangsaan mereka

 credit to kakak tukang amek gambo

credit to brader mane tah duk tepi jalan

excited ngan goodies~

pineh kebulur~

tjumpe wani malar org uk~

pineh + nadz: u ckp laa ngan dorg nk thumbdrive
nina: asal i??
nadz: u wat2 la ty pasal icaew

exposed to great professional bodies
aiming for ICAEW~

btw, zhenglong,
bout the speaker,
just tgk kat website jela..

anyways, here what i've think and learn from the convention:
1. the convention was a great platform for exposing students to the professionals
2. the topics discuss was very interesting and can be used in class and professionally
3. the speakers highlighted on the SUSTAINABILITY and RELEVANCE criteria
4. Politicians should conduct constructive dialogue with the board and auditors since what ever decision they make will impact the economy and performance of a country and they play very important role to the stakeholders
5. In terms of sustainability, its not sufficient to rely on the definition itself and it must be learn through time and condition
6. the non-financial info is now important as financial info
7. The REGULATIONS set sometimes are treated unfairly to the SME companies
8. board should be able to identify the corporate navigators and able to be on the right sides
9. ACCOUNTANTS work across borders today can be seen as working global mobility. Mandarin speakers are nowadays wanted in US~
10. A world without auditors, it would be a world without assurance

zhenglong, hope the information helps!


Anonymous said...

nape x bergambar ngan wmt???...

.h.o.p.e. said...

anonymous- sapekah anda dan apekah hubungan anda dgn wmt????? hahahaha

Cik Bee said...

pesal tak cakap u ngantuk time tue?? hahahaha

.h.o.p.e. said...

cik bee- tu kn cover laa beb~ mane bule disclose sume~~ ^___^