Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i need my family~

sungguh laa duet tu bukan segala2 nya~
previous post nina wat 22 list of the stuff yg nina really nak~
but right now, 
all i need is my family..
that would be the sum of all the 22 things on my wishlist right now~

i just wanna go home now..
i want my dad..
i want my mom..
i want my bro..
n i want my kid sister..
i just want to see their faces~

i heard of so many sad news lately..
today my friend's grandmother just passed away,
yesterday there was another sad news..

oh Allah,
plis allow nina to see her family~
especially on this friday~
coz there's nothing that nina wants most except to be with them~
May Allah Bless~

saya sangat mencintai mereka sepertimana saya cintakan diri saya~

mode: badly homesick~~

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