Tuesday, April 12, 2011

please stay far from me


you took my smiles when i need them the most
you took my heart away when i finally realise that i chose you
i don't know why,
but it's hurtful seeing even you name.

please stay away from me.
i mean it.

you've found your happiness so be happy with it.
stay away please.


Hairman said...

jiwang pulak dah...

.h.o.p.e. said...

romantico laa

Hairman said...

bukan ker lbeyh kureng jer 2 2 tuh

.h.o.p.e. said...

oh la la... lain laa cousin dear.. byk difference die..

Hairman said...

same jer

Anonymous said...

sorry if i hurt you..

you want me to go away?
okay then..
i'll go..
if you think that i'm the one who took away your smiles, you should remember that you're the one who kills me from inside, taking my life away from me,and makes me suffer.
but i will never blame you for all this. i know it's all my fault.

at last you admit the person that you want to choose.
maybe it's late to do so, i'll wait for you before this but do you appreciate me? appreciate my willingness to wait for you?
just an advice, please stop hurting people emotions.
later, you'll hurt.

sorry for everything..you ask me to leave, i will leave..
sorry for all this while.

Anonymous said...


ap da jd nih!??
woah, ni btul2 nih..

ASTRO warna pon xde lg nih..

cecite, cecite weh!!

johnskywlkr.. YNWA!