Friday, April 29, 2011

the end is the beginning

its already the end of my journey in uniten.
completed a degree..
5 years in uniten.
gone through ups and downs..

i'll be graduating with 2nd class upper..
i'm so sorry mom, dad i didn't manage to maintain 1st class upper..
i've lost 0.20 points in my 5th semester.

all due to my own careless actions.
i've to go through special motivation programme conducted by Yayasan Tenaga Nasional~
i was like, ok. who asked u to be stupid?
serve u right!

but i think it changed me.
a lot~
there are always blessings in disguise.~
i can think better now i guess..
from the programme, i've learned to be a
sentiment-free person.

what is sentiment-free?
one example is thinking of life and study are ALL about pointers.

if u think of only that in your life,
boo to you!
change the way u think!

university is a place for you to LEARN.
learn in every way that u can.
academics, soft skills, all kind of skills needed to be a person.
insan as they call it..
everyday is learning day
and live it lively...


received a transcript from uniten
looking at it,
wow, i guess i learned A LOT of subjects in 4 years of degree~
123 credit hours in total.~.~

received a letter to certify my completion of degree programme.~
this is the most valuable letter so far~~~

reported to YTN~
ended my obligation to YTN~
thanks for all the support, YTN~

what's next?
another obligation is to wait for TNB to call~
i've to submit my resume to tnb~
all of my friends are busy with job hunting..
i guess my OBLIGATION and INTEGRITY to tnb "forbids" me to apply elsewhere~
but, i'm not sure why,
tnb and ytn seems to have small communication errors
that until today none of us scholars are being called for interview or the placement test..

should i apply the job that i really want?
should i apply to the company that i really wanted to work with?
should i or should i not?

it gives the dilemma between responsibility and wanting~
if i got the job that i really wanted, then i've to turn it down coz of tnb,
then is it fair for me to hurt myself?

i'm not sure why,
lately, i kinda live in dilemmas and always think the bad way..

dear amanina,
do not despair,
for your name is HOPE.
have hope and never despair...

istikharah is the best answer.
He holds all the answers to all my questions..
 oh Allah,
please help nina..

the beginning is yet to come and it's still blurry~
help me to see the best path to take..
for i only want Your blessings~
mom always advice: 

may Allah bless~


Anonymous said...

ehem2... da habes blaja yek..

ehem2.. atenye, bile lagi kamu nk blnje mkn nyee yong?

perut teman nih da lm xmkn kat tsik sltn..

mklumle, teman nih org kampung je..

john YOB.

.h.o.p.e. said...

wan, turun kl roger2 ler....

klau belum keje pun kn blanje gak an? kehkehkeh...

lame laa x jumpe!!!

Hairman said...


Shah Uniten said...

tahniah nina.....congrats...cepat2 ler keje pastu trus kawin yerkk..neways just nk bgtau,utk gmba yg nina post ni agak bahaya sket sbb ada alamat umah nina btter ler blurkn alamat tu bfore publish kat public/internet.b very careful bout ur particular ;)