Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2 bulan holiday..?

ade ura2 mengatakan nina start keja on 1st june..

so, nina is officially da bercuti 2 bulan klau nina keje on that date..
what did i do for the 2 months holiday so far?

some of my friends g tempat dorg practical blk tuk keja
sgt2 bagus kn?
to improve technical knowledge pasal bende2 yg da blaja..

for me?

well, i stayed at home..
my sweet home~

what did nina had done so far??
1.   i started to play the piano again after leaving the precious instrument for about 6 years~
2.   went to ILC in kuala lipis~
3.   hanged out with utp peeps in utp of course! hee.. ---> been wanting to hang out in utp for a very long time!
4.   be a good daughter and do houseworks~ ngeeh~
5.   focused on the memorizing of juz amma and several surah in the quran.~
6.   just started to play with camera simulator recommended by hairman esa~
7.   got to spend QUALITY and QUANTITY time with lil sis, dad and mom.. i'm totally blessed =)

well, people may think that i'm wasting my time at home compared to do part time jobs or continue studying or something like that~
but to me, i don't think i lost too much of my time doing NOTHING~ huhu..
i think i did a lot of things that i maybe won't be able to do them if i immediately started working after graduation.. 

there are always blessings in disguise right?
living is all about chasing the Jannah Here and Hereafter~
i guess it is really important to keep yourself balanced with the stuff that you do~
it's your responsibility as a calliph in this world and servant to your Creator..

when u started working, ur mind will solely focus on ur working life..
here i am stabilizing my social life and personal life of my own before slaving myself to the hectic world of working.. hahaha.. yeah i'm being hyperbola.. 

right now i'm trying to prepare mentally and physically for 1st june to come!
please pray for nina yea~
setting a legacy is not as hard as continuing a legacy.
so, please pray hard for nina yea!

may Allah bless~


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ade name aku!!!


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