Wednesday, September 26, 2012

love is a process


today i learned something new,

someone shared a link today:

interesting fact, i'd say.

without we realize, the thing that we called love is developed by ourselves.
still, we can't deny the fact that the love we feel today,
is just a small loan from Him.

thank you Allah for this wonderful feeling :)
imagine not having any affection in life.
then, all parents would abandon their kids,
all kids would just leave their parents at the old folks home when they grow up.
people will keep fighting and there will be no peace.
peace is love :)

I'm in the midst of searching my answer to all the strangled questions that would not stop banging my head.
Honestly, I am stuck between two roads.
Seriously, I can really feel the emotions when the writer writing the poem "The Road Not Taken" right now!
I think I can score 99% if I were to take the subject again! haha

Anyways, a part of me wants to move forward.
I mean, start a new life or meet new people.
Or if I can't manage to meet new people,
at least I can open my heart to accept the love from the person who loves me for who I am.

Another part of me still hanging in my fantasy.
and it seems that I am happy in it though.
friend of mine once told me this, 
What is happiness when most of the feeling you feel is pain?
She got a strong point there, right?

Why do people find it hard to move on?
I guess the next step is to implement the new lesson:

perhaps a process to let go
process to face the reality
process to be mature

normally I'm a fast learner *ok perasan*
but when it comes to relationships,
I'm slow as a snail *fact*
plus, I can be stubborn as well *i'm so NOT proud of myself right now!*

but life is a learning process
i just hope i'm not too late to really start living it.

i am thankful for all the love around me.
really cool and understanding parents & siblings
non-stop support from friends 
motivations from people who dislike me (oh yeah. i got enemies and i just got to know that!)
may Allah showers them with more love in life :)
above all, I really can feel the love from Him
coz with Him, I would have the chance to feel the love around me :)

You bet!
I know you're lucky too!

Alhamdulillah :)
may Allah bless


Anonymous said...

The road not taken. Best kan. Or the necklace. U should read that too

shah said...

sometimes moving on might be the best way..but the worst u might get is--u're PRETENDING to moved on..when actually deep down..ur hesitant to let go whats precious to the end..u will get hurt..seriously hurt in the process..:(

amanina fasihah mohd zain said...

dear shah,

couldnt agree more! it hurts to move on, but its even more hurtful to let everything go. reality bites. but the cure to heartbroken souls is love. love Him and you will be loved insya Allah. all the best finding your love! ^^

shah said...

aminn..insyallah..u too nina..tht someone will appear in ur life soon..:)