Friday, December 19, 2008

replace much..?!

cramp week...
tak cukup tgn nk handle..
non-stop classes..
sgt2 stress.. not to mention sgt2 pnat..

can't wait to go home..
my brain sgt2 pnat..
hypothalamus kate da xleh handle emotions agi da..

adoi je..
rite now, i think my sympathetic nervous system ngah keje keras..
too much stress.. (-_-')
the body just can't take it anymore..
adoi la..

or maybe nina jus needs more n more neurotransmitter...

dearie nina's limbic system..
please hold on...
please memorise everything she had learned..
please send impulses to the body to stay strong..

tax.. law.. macro.. account.. ais... psycho..
how do i face all these??
oh Allah...
please guide nina..

haih.. mam pnah ckp, 'we are an emotional human being'..
so i guess it's normal to feel stress..

nina really really really needs You rite now..
please make nina strong..

to everyone around me,
push me from behind, will ya?

mind the scientific terms..
thanks to psycho..
nina falls in love with bio again!!

1 comment:

ark said...

rilek2..minum kopi dlu ilang kan stess.opss nina taleh eh..

minum hoc choc dlu..eegegege