Sunday, December 7, 2008


this is for someone..

dear you,
i don't know what happened to us or what is happening to us..
i felt the distance..
i felt the ice-cold feeling when i stared your eyes..
i can't feel the warmth when you hug me tight..
i can't see the sweet innocent sincere smile anymore..

maybe the problem was on me .. or is it because of you?

i missed the old days..
i missed feeling comfort when you hug me..
i missed everything..

why won't you talk to me??!
if you really love me, tell me..!
you're keeping everything to yourself..
would that be much of a help?
would it cure the pain we felt?

maybe it's just me..
i'm putting myself in my own self-destructive zone aren't i?
i know i became more quiet..
but do you know what's going on inside me?
i'm in pain..
i bear this pain alone..

i'm changing..
please help me..
don't leave me when i need you the most..
no matter how quiet i become,
you know, i'll always need you..

when you talk to me, it soothes me..
when you hug me, it calms me..
so, don't leave me..
please don't..

maybe i'm not much a talker now,
i failed when talking heart-to-heart talk like this..
maybe it's better like this..
i'll just post it here...

i really hope you'll understand..
maybe i need sometime..
but i do still need you behind my back..
please be there when i fall..
please be there when all i need is just a hug..
please be there when i need you the most..

i'm not sure whether you read this post or not, but i really do hope you read it...
you know who you are and you know i wrote this post to you..
i really do value our friendship..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sabarla ye nina..
everything happen for some reason..
maybe ada hikmah disebaliknya...