Monday, December 15, 2008

not so brilliant..

bizziness.. as usual..
br pas bes program ibc..
sgt2 la pnat..
mentally n physically exhausted..

now, ade bazaar booth lak..
3 booth nk kn tgk..
sife, ppi n ibc...
takan la nk belah bdn jadik 3..?
ppi kn pki bju kurung ppi, ibc lak kn pki tshirt ibc...
mmg sgt2 arap skang ni ade kembar..

during the ibc programme, i really learned a lot..
i mingled around with lots of people wif different kind of attitude..
observing them made me learned sumthing..

let me make a list of wat nina had learned...


1. acknowledge people even when that person help with the slightest thing..
2. it's good to have back up plans but that doesn't mean that changing everything is the best way..
3. do not exaggerate when talking to people..
4. be humble and honest when communicating with people..
5. try to understand people rather than being selfish..

nina is still learning n will always love to learn....

hate flying solo...~

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